Hivebusters is even better than Gears 5 (Light SPOILERS)

Finally I have found someone else who shares my opinion. For me, the game felt like a walking simulator with a few fire fights thrown in. :smile:

Dialogue was good and entertaining but actual fire fights probably only take up 50% of the dlc.


It’s incredible basically, an action packed thrill ride from start to finish. A definitive graphical showcase for the Xbox Series X as well. Absolutely loved it !


I take it you’re not a fan?

Juuust a Cole Train reference from Judgment.

Stupid stupid Loomis. So incompetent

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It’s better because it’s not very “woke” like the Ferguson campaign. However, it’s still a bit far-fetched with Black Panther’s sister Shuuri, I mean Hana Cole, being the smart scientist at 21 years old; not explaining where the Wakaatu was during the Locust war; only 3 hivebusters?; what is the connection between Lahni and Tai since they share the same last name; who is Shuuri’s, I mean Hana’s, mother and where is she; where is Bernie: why is Tak (helicopter pilot) wearing what looks like hivebusters armor? will he be available as a character in PvP and PvE?; and everytime Mac talks, all i see is Mike Meyers’ Shrek talking to Donkey. Otherwise, still better than the Ferguson campaign. (So glad they fired him).


it’s been great as a short story, has its flaws but I believe it has the correct length for a tribal themed adventure, too much would’ve been a drag.
they could’ve expanded more on the hallucinations in a Kait’s fashion.

in my opinion, the absence of delta squad and Hoffman’s role were what made this story work.
No one between Mac, Keegan or Lahni gets overshadowed by Marcus or Cole. The spotlight is all scorpio’s with no compromises and they get to do awesome stunts too.

I firmly think that JD or Kait would never work as long as there’s Marcus on screen.


Interesting that you don’t think it added much to the universe. It added:

Sanctum, a backup plan for Azura that we never knew about. I thought that was a really cool concept.

Lore of the spiritual South Islands villagers and Wakaatu.

New indigenous Seran creature.

Hana Cole.

Lahni’s backstory with the Brash Brigaide. Their mission which implies that there could still be more Locust alive will probably be extremely important going forward.

Pretty damn good for a short DLC if you ask me. I wasn’t expecting it to feel so new and fresh and unique while also being so grounded in old and new Gears lore.


So much good stuff packed in a little DLC!

I really enjoyed learning about the Islanders’ spirituality and how important is was to Scorpio’s journey.

I love how the point of the story is to learn about Scorpio’s pasts, their regrets and their fears and work through them in an organic way, while trying to complete Hoffman’s mission. Superb writing.

Our time spent learning about the squad has a PURPOSE! They didn’t give them pointless backstories like we’ve seen with so many other new characters.

I love how their mission is to extract a sample from the Wakaatu, but to do so they have to go through the Wakaatu’s trial, hallucinating their pasts and facing their fears just like the Islanders did. They complete their mission but also relieve themselves of the guilt they’ve been living with.

It was an amazing symbolic moment when they all plucked the feathers. Scorpio’s original intention wasn’t to follow the Islander’s tradition, but they had to in order to get what they needed… so when they defeat it, they pluck the feathers to show that their spiritual journey is complete. That was f*cking AWESOME!!! 10/10 writing.

It’s nothing short of incredible that these characters were developed so well in such a short time. I didn’t expect to ever care about them as much as I do now.

TC really knocked it out of the stratosphere with this!


“So this thing your dad invented…it’ll take out the Lambent? What about the Locust?”

“No guarantees. Just because they turn into Lambent doesn’t meant it’ll work on them.”


I mean, that’s one way of looking at it.

Pretty simplistic though.

Here’s what really happened.

Oh, we had one Azura. Let’s add another. Not original. Let’s add 4 more next game.

Let’s add a creature much unlike anything else in the Gears universe. Let’s make it shoot green stuff. Maybe a glob of poisonous venom. Let’s let the venom kill everything.

Then let’s pretend Adam Fenix nor anyone else could have ever found out about it and harnessed it into a weapon in all the prior years of war.

It simply doesn’t fit.

Forgot about that quote :eyes:


That’s a pretty pessimistic point of view.

It’s not like it’s a carbon copy of Azura. It’s completely different, only being similar to Azura in the sense that it’s a safe haven for Sera’s elite if the Jacinto Plateau is penetrated.

They go into detail to explain all that if you paid attention. I don’t see how you don’t think it’s original, it’s definitely unique compared to anything we’ve seen. To me, it doesn’t take anything away from Gears 3… only adds to it.

Say what you want about Wakaatu, I respect anyone’s opinion who doesn’t like it for what it is. Still a wayyy better boss than the Kraken.

Sera is obviously a huge planet with a wide variety of unique indigenous creatures unrelated to the Locust, Swarm, and Lambent.

We’ve discovered new creatures in every single installment… so why is it now weird and unfitting to find another in a place we’ve never been to?


It really was a fun experience.

Also with it being a smaller campaign, I will be for the first time actually attempting to beat it on iron man.


I mean you could make any series in any genre of any medium (movie, show, video game) sound stupid and pointless if you word it like that.


For Tai amd Lhani it’s explain in the Collectible than they were cousin, and for Hannah Cole 21 years old, in charge of the lab : it’s not an Cog operation but Rogue mission so that what explain this all

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Following forum guidelines?

Let’s keep in mind that the guy who’s working all the deebees and condors is Baird, who we have seen from the campaign (and the books, as he interacted with Hoffman a lot) is no stranger to running quiet operations and diverting some very expensive resources around.

Colonel victor Hoffman holds a LOT of sway. So much sway that Cole allowed his daughter over there. King ravens are also pretty decommissioned at this point with kestrels running around.

Recall Hoffman said he was trying to make this project work but got shut down by jinn. He was shut down in an official capacity, but folks who follow and respect him and his way of thinking (not unlike Marcus.) are willing to support and follow him. And no one asks questions when you’re running a job for Hoffman. That pilot probably got a task to drop some people off for Hoffman and, much like Keegan, didn’t question that someone with as big a name as Hoffman could possibly be a rogue op. Even if they did find out afterwards, Hoffman would have had to do very little convincing to get them on board with a plan that could save the planet.

Dunno if anyone caught it, but Hoffman’s desk has a picture with him and Bernie on it. Considering he’s standing in that photo, I think it’s safe to say Bernie has passed.

Tak. I freaked out when I saw this name. Bai tak was the name of a pesanga Hoffman served with in the pendulum wars. A nation of small but deadly covert operators with a tribal history that he engrossed himself in and become an honorary member of from his pesanga unit. I wonder if our pilot tak is related.

I loved the story bits in this DLC. And it told a story I was very happy to playthrough with a buddy of mine. Would love to see more


This is gonna be a lot of different replies in one, so read carfully.

My assumption was that Hoffman used a real operation in place for the ghost Hivebuster one he was running, and as to the COG stepping on his door, it’s clear that him and Jinn aren’t on the best of terms–not to mention she has a war to wage against the Swarm wholesale so they might be preoccupied too much to ignore one old-timer and a handful of Gears.

As for the Condor and Raven and Vulture? Hoffman and Hana would easily be good friends with Baird–who was able to whip up a Raven and DB Mech suits on a whim under Jinn’s nose, along with the opening to Gears 5 which was a covert operation as well under the COG’s nose. To an extent much of Gears 5’s story was under Jinn as well.

I like how the genderless robot is up there with the other great Male leads that got killed off. Let’s just ignore the fact that Jack has already died twice before.

This is a very fair point, but in the same breath, you can have a big overall story that adds a lot and moves the cannon forward and provides us with a lot of good character moments. God of War (2018) comes to mind here, being a big expansive adventure with tons of little moments between Kratos and Atreus. Or like you know, the Hanover chapter in Gears 3. It had no effect on the story at large (mostly) but still enhanced the characters which in turn enhances the story. That moment with Dom at Maria’s grave served no purpose to getting to Azura but damn it would not have hit the same without it.

JD and crew just don’t have that sense of culpability. JD moreso with his revelation in Act 1 and half-baked redemption but none of the others get that. I don’t understand why Del helps as he does. But I get why Lahni, Keegan and Mac would have a reason to back the Hivebuster program.

I mean living in a world with Sci Fi tech in an age of peace has to give you many options for expanding your mind. More than a 20-year old on Earth. And especially when she’s described to be a bookworm, Baird was only in his early 20’s in Judgement and he doesn’t seem to have any lapses in smarts compared to him 15 years later in Gears 3.

They say many times that the Galangi islands are surrounded by a deep trench that kept the Locust from tunneling there, and the Wakaatu seems to be native to the island, why would it leave?

Cousins, they’ve said it many times.

Hana wears it too so it’s safe to assume it was her or Tak’s or Hoffman’s design that they turned into the Hive armor.

Dear god…

Pretty much everything you added here I agree with, exactly what I had thought, I just kinda wish they updated the Hivebuster armor in MP to include a feather for each of them.

I mean Adam was very anti Locust war, what reason would he have to go out to this remote island, and kill some innocent creature that’s very important to these Islanders? Especially when at the point the COG was on Panahu they would’ve already had the HOD and Lightmass missiles.


It would also be worth mentioning that it seems the only presence the COG had on Pahanu was through the Sanctum bunker and they would likely either not have known or had little interest in the presence of the Wakaatu so long as it didn’t interfere with them. And Sanctum was also apparently abandoned after some time or at the very least never taken into proper service due to instabilities within the thermal reactor, insufficient funding to properly run the entire 20 levels and keep them maintained(some levels are said to have temperatures so high they are quite simply unlivable for humans, while the military section is said to basically be in such a poor state that it’s falling apart) and the whole thing being constructed pretty much right under a volcano. (I wish they’d let us explore more of or even the entire bunker, which would have been a good reason to face us with some other environments than just always, or mainly, having to shoot past some Swarm to get to the next area).

And it’s also likely if Adam did know about the Wakaatu and its acid/venom, and wanted some of it, he would likely not have had it killed as he seems like the person to understand the significance of an established natural superpredator within an ecosystem and what removing it would do to it.


And…if the COG spent the time it took to build a bunker…maybe, just maybe an encounter. At least they would have heard a story.

Scientists are curious more than anything.

I think it was the island of Vectes? Remote place. Lambency was everywhere. Just not in some places now?

I enjoyed the dlc. Don’t get me wrong. Just don’t like holes in stories big enough to create alternate universes on the same planet.

I can’t begin to describe how much I prefer the traditional, linear Gears of War level design and pacing. The pseudo-open world in acts 2 and 3 of Gears 5 are a series low point, and I sincerely hope TC doesn’t do anything like them ever again.

With that being said, of course I prefer Hivebusters. It goes back to the original design and pacing. Well, mostly; it’s still a bit lighter in bread and butter shooting than Gears 4, and lighter in set piece moments than Gears 3.

I’d be totally fine if we get a couple more of these $20 campaign DLCs to round out Gears 5 into effectively a full length game in the traditional style before a new entry comes. Wishful thinking, most likely.