Hivebusters is even better than Gears 5 (Light SPOILERS)

This isn’t hyperbole. Not a lie, I truly believe the Hivebusters story is better than Gears 5’s even with a runtime of 2-4 hours depending on how you played.


From the intro with the great direction in the crash landing, the unique and interesting environment of Sanctum, Panahu and the Wakaatu’s nest, every bit of the Galangi screams attention. From giving all three members of Scorpio their own interesting game interactions (Fuzeboxes, tunnels and command consoles)–to giving them a strong sense of charisma that is not found in the snickering, whiny cast of the main story.

I don’t hate any of them—but I like Mac, Keegan and Lahni infinitely more than any member of New Delta. The only one I had a problem with was Keegan because it didn’t feel right for an Onyx Guard trying to redeem himself to boot a civvy out of an airplane. But the rest of the time, he was just as dickish as I would expect an Onyx to be, unlike the watered down cosplay-Guard we got in the main story.

The main parts that bugged me were how old Keegan and Lahni don’t seem to be compared to Marcus, Cole, Baird, etc. Because Lahni seems to be the same age as Mac and Keegan doesn’t even show any signs of grey hairs when he should be what? 45 at the very youngest? And that’s assuming he was at least 20 on V-Day, which I doubt seeing as he was an Onyx stationed at Azura.

Other than that, the animation for Hoff and Hana’s faces seemed to be a little off, hoping we do see Hoffman, Hana and Tak, Zak, Vak? Whatshisname enter MP eventually too.

I’ve always been big on music and sound design, and Hivebusters just kicks Gears 5’s ■■■. The main music is heroic, but forgettable at best. Like the background to a Micheal Bay movie or something with Tom Cruise in it. But Hivebusters with that guitar… I don’t even hate that they reused old tracks from Judgement and Gears 3 for Combat. (I heard it during the Sanctum mission and the Lava River fight). But the original music, like the new OP5 Menu Music, just feels much more like Gears than 5 did at launch.

The gameplay, story, music, and story was pretty damn fun and if you haven’t played it or aren’t a big campaign person anyway, I still recommend that you play it. Like I said at the start it’s only like 2-3 hours long, changes on if you run the entire time or play on Insane, but it was really fun, moreso than 5’s main story for me. I don’t know if it was the fact that Gears 5 feels rushed and Hivebusters feels very well paced, I wasn’t even bored in the slower sections because instead of exploring bland metal hangar to build a rocket, we had the beautiful Panahu and the Kaliso-home village to look at which very much intrigued me.

100%, no cap, I’d rather get an anthology game (Something like Netflix’s “Love, Death, Robots”) where we get 3-5 small stories like this, either taken from a book or brand new, with new characters mingling with fan favorites over the course of multiple unconnected stories than a ■■■■■■■ Marcus Fenix Collection. I’ve played Gears 1-J a hundred times each–it’d be nice to see it in a new light, but I’d rather get something brand new, even if it’s short and sweet like Hivebusters than see Dom die in 4K.

I’ve said before that Gears is much like Star Wars, and if we’re in the sequel trilogy that everyone can’t decide whether they love or hate, Hivebusters and Tactics are the Mandalorian spinoffs that you’ll find hard to knock.

As a Bonus, here’s some fun clips I captured on my playthrough.(Just funny things in the first hour or so, nothing big)


I thought the voice actress for Hana Cole was terrible. She was okay during “quiet times”, but when Mac and Lahni are screaming things like, “TEAR THEM APART LIMB FROM LIMB” and then Hana is all, “They are heading through the barn” in the meekest voice ever… she just never had a grit to her lines when it was needed most.


To be fair, Hana is very obviously not a soldier and may not have that standard Gears grit that the rest of Scorpio would have.

Unless by Grit you mean circumstantial, like if she wasn’t shouting or sounding distressed. I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention to the combat dialogue so you could very well be right on that front.


Well, Scorpio was pissed when they found the pods of what were once the… I forgot their name, people. Something starting with M. Meilanese maybe. Hana didn’t seem to catch on with it.

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Yeah I remember that. The Mehlani or something like that. Lahni was the most disgusted (obviously) with Mac being a close second, it felt like Keegan and Hana both took more of a backseat there thou.

But yeah maybe a little tone-deaf, but if you grew up in Cole’s house, I dunno if much would shake you.

Eh… apparently “Dad Cole” isn’t the same overhyped Trashball player we see around all the time. Picked that up from the many dialogue segments between Hana and the others while looking around the village for things to find.

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I think it’s just a matter of Cole is always in the limelight, and Hana seemed kinda condescendingly “above” such simple things as Thrashball. Kinda like in Gears 1 when Baird’s all mad about Cole getting a bunch of recognition but to more of an extreme.

She didn’t really come across like that to me but more not being very fond of Trashball. I don’t recall every dialogue segment but she doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with sports otherwise, or being associated to Cole. It’s more the Trashball deal, I chose to interpret it as more of a case where she doesn’t want to be associated with something she’s not interested in when people commonly would due to Cole’s reputation.

Aka she doesn’t seem to have an issue with her father’s reputation but seemingly a stereotype people in the Gears universe associate to the Cole family.

PS Keegan’s Onyx Guard skin does not look bad at all. And the Condor scene was hilarious with how he just kicks Mac out and then both him and Lahni get kicked out by DBs falling out of the wreckage(if we can call it such at that point before it crashed). And people are saying the voice actor of the pilot was the same as Lizzie’s? Didn’t seem exactly the same to me.

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That’s why we deeply need a Thrashball Hana skin! :yum:

With the music, the charisma of Scorpio right away and that stylish title card, Hivebusters presented more originality and suave direction to me in two minutes than Gears 5 did in 10 Hours.


Is anyone else confused with the time line of it ? I read the comics in prep before playing and the comics seem like they’re out on their first mission together but have already met Hoffman and whatnot, Mac talks about his delivery driver job for the first time blah blah… then the game seems to just banish all of that and rewrites it all anyway… so makes the comics pretty pointless. Or is this Dlc a prequel to them ?

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Bloodlines is a prequel and the comic is a sequel

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Too bad they just had to kill off yet another random Gear/pilot they then gave a name to. Condor pilots are about to become the new Carmines. They keep dying to the Swarm too.

Well, at least I am guessing the pilot ended up dying to the Flock crashing through the cockpit and part of the fuselage like it was made of butter, since it’s not 100% clear with how we found her hanging in the tree.

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Ahh thank you ! I really loved the comics and was hoping they weren’t just dismissing them so this adds a lot more now !


The DLC is great , and the action sections are flawless.
But , again , TC mistepped in “Logical Sense” , just like the whole main Campaign was : kind of illogic.


It’s about the fact that the whole Hivebusters Project is , in fact , a rogue operation.
THIS , dear Friends , this doesn’t make any sense to me. The whole DLC was great but then THAT part came in and my balls fell.
Question that TC hates to answer to , both in 5’s and Hivebusters.
HOW did Hoffman got a King Raven?
HOW does he keep it functioning? With what fuel?
Where did he get a Condor , if the whole operation is outside the COG?
Where did he get the DBs?
With what autorization does he turns them on?
HOW the heck was the Condor’s pilot a fully armored Gear and how in the name of pizza did She had a rank and her COG tags if the whole operation was actually rogue?
HOW did Hoffman get a giant estate?
No , wait , I know that.
Then HOW does he keeps low profile and what keeps the COG from knocking at his Door any time?
Like , knock knock mother fucka , we are here to take back all the forbidden secrets you stole.
No , right?
I believe that TC is working so hard to make the COG even worst and Dictatorial than it already was , but THIS COG here , that’s just dumb ■■■.


This DLC surely was bliss , and the whole cast has more charisma than Kait herself.
Even Hana being a quiet and brainiac civvie makes sense , the new characters are all cool.
I’ll surely come back and play it again.
And of course I’m going to buy the DLC when I’ll grow a couple bucks.

TC must learn that when they do things with passion , brain , time and effort , people will open their wallets.
Gears 5 came out one year too early. An embryo.


You already received a response but here’s my take :

Gears 4
Act 1 of Gears 5
Act 2 of Gears 5
Hivebuster DLC - after Act 2 because there is Drone Elites and other Elite variants present which only started showing up after the Swarm got Myrrah in Reyna’s corpse back
Hivebuster comics
Act 3 and 4 of Gears 5 likely around the same time as the comics/DLC.

There is some writing holes here and there like Mac telling about how he lost Dillon and his family in the DLC but Keegan later on asks him what his boy’s name was, in the comics, unless it didn’t get mentioned in the cutscene.


Well she is a massive nerd

It is better than G5 and it’s because of what I’ve been saying for awhile now…kait is an awful character. JD and Del are bland as all hell. Kait is the worst character in the franchise tho. So whiney childish and cringey.

And no I don’t dislike female characters. Lhani is awesome. Lizzie is one of my top played characters in multiplayer. Perfect dark is awesome. No problem here with female protagonists. It’s the delivery of Kait and her horrific voice acting and dialogue.

Just my opinion tho.

EDIT: Hana is also a great character, oozing with personality and potential. She sounds sympathetic for lahnis people. Talks about her daddy. Idolizes him. Dislikes talking about thrashball all the time and her voice acting is great.


And Gears 5 Campaign also ruined and/or killed the male characters (JD, Del, Oscar, Jack). Thats why I had never played that :poop: and never will.
Hivebuster Campaign is (short but) much superior! :sunglasses:


I think this is like comparing apples and oranges.

They are different campaigns.

Gears 5 was more about lore development and light on the character development side. It also had to serve the purpose of setting up Gears 6 which will most likely wrap up the trilogy.

This dlc campaign was about filling in character backstory and development. It was lighthearted and fun. It had no particular direction it had to go other than to connect us to the hivebusters.

Two completely different storyline narratives to convey.

Other than a new “boss” the dlc didn’t add anything much to the overall Gears universe. It was just a few hours of witty lines and swarm smashing.