Hivebusters for horde

When will the hivebusters join the horde mode with all other characters please bring them to horde.


We all want this. Also the other characters for Escape.


I dunno some may not fit. Emile can be used for horde but his perks make him better suited for escape. Kat can be used for both but offers nothing minus her ult in escape. Would some of the characters be viable for both?

Certainly, why not? Marcus with headsohot, Kait with cloak, Faz with X Ray. Maybe not JD’s ultimate, but that’s about it.

They could possibly rework some Ults and Passives to make characters viable in both modes. It still bothers me that Kat’s passive is useless in Escape

I like new characters

I also just want new characters. And I actually like Escape as a seperate thing with its own characters and their abilities.

Welcome to the community OP,Excellent idea,love to play lahni (cousin to TAI)in horde,big fan of Tai Kaliso

Would like to see this

Fahz with xray deals 20k damage a shot. Don’t think that belongs in escape.

keegan in horde would be downright awesome. would balance out those crying about not getting the ammo box.

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Just ideas. I don’t realistically see TC doing any of this anyway. Curious to see what new characters will bring to the table.

If they would do something like that, they’ll need to separate some cards and make them only usable in horde / escape. Then I can see it work and would vouch for it too. But I’d rather they add some new characters instead. Like 2 for escape, 2 for horde and some for swarm for versus. 5 titles worth of characters with lore and background to pick from… Maany options… I want cyclopses again