Hivebusters DLC progress stuck at 79.99%

What did I miss?
Do I have to redo the campaign indefinitely until I have 100%?

Mine’s stuck at 99,99%. Maybe they’ll fix it, maybe not. As long as there’s no cheevo tied to campaign-completion I’m alright with it.

I redid chapter 6 with 2 other players from the end of chapter 5: the progress is still at 79.99% but I finally got “Operation: Ride the Snatcher” achievement
I just have to try on insane for “Rite of Passage” achievement

Mine was stuck at 83% yesterday until I reloaded the last checkpoint this morning, which allowed me to unlock everything. The chapters are definitely buggy though. I only did one solo insane run so far, but some say I’ve done them on inconceivable and some say I completed them on co-op when it definitely wasn’t a public game. Typical…