Hivebusters DLC glitch - Lahni died without context

And for these kind of “glitch” is that I dislike Ironman…

Act 6, after the part when you choose 2 paths and have to kill Juvies.

I was playing as Mac alone on Inconceivable. I had to cut some vines with the lancer to advance, and after that Lahni died.

I had experienced glitches before on original Gears 5, but nothing like this.

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Weird, a soft lock

On my inconceivable run, I don’t think the AI died once, but once I played Iron Man… at some point I could swear they did it on purpose.

The AI should be invincible when Iron Man is activated, they hurt more than they help.

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WTF don’t put spoilers in the title!

Settle down
He meant the character died as a glitch not storyline wise

SPOiLERS!! Now I know she SURVIVES!!!

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Everybody survives. Even the Wakaatu!

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This. Or at least they need to be more intelligent.

I’m playing original Gears 5 campaign alone on Experienced with Ironman on.

I lost count how many times I’m DBNO near a teammate, but a hijacked enemy (on the other side of the room) is the one who revive me.

And I hate the part when Jack had the explosives. He is an intelligent robot (in the story), but for some reason in this part he is in the middle of every fight, receiving almost every bullet.

Now, about the name of the topic being spoiler, truth is that most of the people who post here had played this, but some players who join the forums to post about their missing CS skins maybe not, and can cause confusion, so thanks for pointing this out @Mark36111


“You uh, think it’ll live?”
“Yeah, I do. It’s a good day. Everyone survives.”

I have a similar video on my account, but it’s the main story. Del drops down dead middle of a cutscene, which is incredibly odd and frustrating.

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