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Hivebusters Comic series (May contain SPOILERS)

Morning Gears.
Just in case you don’t know, Hivebusters is out now. It is on my kindle as I type. Cant wait to get stuck in.

Thought this could be the thread we put thoughts, theories down etc.

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Just read it. To be honest not grabbed me just yet, I will need to re-read I think.

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Just curious…did it add to the lore, confuse, or just pretty much seem like a parallel story to Gears 4 swarm? It’s a different crew in a different location, and I wasn’t sure they would connect the story to the original universe.

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Probably confuse! I did read at 5:30am before work, so will defo need/want to read again.

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I only just noticed that it was available a short while ago…with no fanfare on TC’s part (c’mon, really?)

I gave it brief read just now, but because I’m at work I couldn’t process all of it. I’ll give it another go later.


Hoffman is alive and well, rocking the Professor Xavier cosplay.


There seems to be new weapon as well.

just finished reading it and ya im so glad he is alive and he is a uncle!! nice new bit of lore for hoffman

new crew, it added a bit more to the lore of the swarm too!!!

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Not really a spoiler

i just finished reading it and i gotta say it was good for me atleast. it added more to the gow lore about the swarm and a seran too!! {that seran is hoffman} we also got a look at the new Bigger variant of the juvies

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Just read it. And I gotta say a little of all. Theres definitely some back story to the main character we’re not seeing just yet

Did you read the books by any chance??? MAc was Bernies dog in the books also Donald was Bernies first husband if I remember correctly

HOLY ■■■■ YOUR RIGHT i forgot i havent read the books in ages

The comic is new and there were no spoiler warnings for this particular thread. While we do see that character briefly earlier, what they are really up to isn’t elaborated on, so that they is still taking an active role is a nice little treat.

In any case, I prefer to play things conservatively when it comes to spoilers.

and burnie technically didnt own mac a farmer did but lent mac to burnie

I get what you’re saying. I was just looking at it like Hoffmans in a wheelchair at the beginning of Gears 4 and in one of the comics he shaves his head. But yea its good to see he still has an active roll. Love his character was really all i was referring to.

Yea but they all knew Bernie was keeping him. :rofl::joy: Also I wonder if the girl has any relationshipto Tai seems like theres a lot to learn from the comics

ya the girl did mention she was from a ‘‘island’’ but bernie was also from a island too!!

@Duffman_GB, if it all the same with you, might you kindly add a spoiler tag to the title or OP? There could be quite a bit to discuss and I’d rather not have most of the posts be blurred out.

Otherwise, I could create a separate thread that allows spoilers, and keep this one for spoiler-free Q/A.


Yea but if I remember correctly Tais people tended to tattoo their face like the girls where as Bernies people didnt and also seemed to be lighter in complexion like Mac. Also Paduk was a ginger from Bernies island

And as a ginger myself I took offense to that match stick line :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: