Hivebusters 2: Release date?

Hey all, I apologize if this is a waste of a thread, but I can’t seem to find a concrete answer no matter where I look.

I just want to know when Hivebusters 2 is coming out, but when I look online it says everything from today (June 12th) to the end of August. Normally, issues come out monthly for comic series like this, but it seems like The Coalition may be intentionally staggering the releases because of the now apparent tie in to the new escape mode.

ANY feedback is appreciated.

July 31st is all I’ve seen.

31st July 2019 seems to be the date.

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I appreciate the response, and I was coming up with that date often in my searches.
However, when I checked the release date back in May, it said issue 2 was coming June 12th. IDW, the publisher of the comic says its coming “June” on their website.

Finally, the other reason I’m so confused it because a lot of online retailers are saying that issues, 2,3,4, and 5 are all coming out on July 31st. That seems really strange, and inaccurate.

Hey I work with the retailers and distributors. The reason the dates are funky is due to place holder dates. I went and looked them up in the system and listed below are the official release dates (they could change due to delays but idw is usually pretty on point)

#2 July 31
#3 August 28
#4 September 25
#5 October 30 (final issue)

If you read them digitally they might release a few days sooner.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate this information.

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No problem dude!

Is It out? Can’t find to buy it at all…

Hey, I was curious if you found any update on this. Was getting pretty excited for the new issue to come out tomorrow, but when looking at digital venders the dates had changed to Aug 28.

Any info is appreciated, and thanks again!

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Our system says it has been delayed till September 4th. It’s a smaller company so sadly delays like this happen. Not sure exactly why though.

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Sooooo wtf happened with this? Months later and issue 2 hasn’t even hit stores

Lol, I am now seeing October 2nd floating around.
I got a response from Rod on Twitter on July 29th saying…
“Don’t worry, it’s coming”

I just heard about the October 2nd release date as well. Considering that is less than a week away, I’m assuming this is the definitive release date for issue #2, though who knows at this point.