Hivebuster xbox ultimate

Ok I just need this clarified, if you purchase the game pass ultimate and then not pay it the next month do you still get to keep the hivebuster dlc or are you required to keep membership to use the hivebuster dlc?

you probably lose it I would assume dude

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Yea that’s what I figured too…

I don’t know about that since they let people keep the Terminator DLC characters if you had ultimate game pass and it later expired, I know since I did the $1 trial at Gears 5 launch and when the trial was over still had the content.

There should be more clarification on if you keep it no matter how you have ultimate game pass.

I have that $1 offer again and Gears 5 seems to be calling, if they say you keep the DLC that $1 is goong to be used as soon as I get home.

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It’ll most likely lock back up as it’s a stand alone fee to get in the Microsoft store. If you own the game you still need to buy the dlc if you have ultimate you’ll get it for free but most likely only for the duration of your ultimate sub.

Probably just because it’s character skins and it would be to messy for them to relock that content back up without mucking up all your other character unlocks. Idk I’m just guessing here but that would be my guess.

Since you cannot play the game offline, it will check if you own it each time it connects to the servers. You won’t be able to run the DLC after gamepass expires but you will get to keep the skins if you unlock them.

That’s pretty much what I hoped wasn’t the case but se la vie . Thanks for the info!