Hivebuster skins appreciation thread

Now I don’t be meaning to imply hivebuster skins are underrated or anything. I just recently realized how much I enjoy the general aesthetic of those skins. I used to not really care for Del’s character for example, but I thought his hivebuster skin looked sweet. Out of boredom I decided to take him out for a spin in Escape with it equipped. As a result, I am somehow slowly growing fond of him. And he still looks really good.

I think from now on I will try to purchase every skin for this theme I see. Previously I didn’t care for any sort of collecting, but I might have changed my mind. Really hoping for Hivebuster Private Vermelo and Gabe to show up in the future.
I now also will always swap skins around when I play Escape to make people fit in better.

How about you guys? Anyone else also enjoying the hivebuster aesthetic? You got anyone on your wishlist that you hope to see a skin for?


Hive buster rod fergusson.


I’m totally in love of the hivebuster skin, that’s the only collection skin I really do (iron purchases before the gears coins).

I mean they all great and I like to play them on the pahanu map in horde aswell is kind of immersive lol.

My favorite is by far Marcus and the Clayton.

And when I saw the recent leak I’m really hype about the next who’s coming !!


Yep, hivebuster skins are great. The default for most of my characters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hive buster Clayton is cool as ■■■■ probs my favourite COG skin at the moment


HB Weapon skins are also pretty neat. Too bad it’ll probably take ages before they come to the store, if at all.

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Clayton Carmine is my main in PvP.

When I saw the hivebuster skin for him, I just knew I had to equip it.
Hivebuster Clayton is the best hivebuster skin imo.

Maybe we could get a Hivebuster Anya/ Sam skin?
Even a Hivebuster Tai skin would be cool.

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Got good news for you.

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yeah Hivebuster skins are definitely the best new skins they introduced.

I only really like a few out of the whole set. Dom,Dizzy,Anya,Clayton and Del. The rest are kinda lame tbh.

Good work on Clay’s though, he’s my all time favorite.

I favorite Del’s hivebuster skin myself. He looks quite spiffy in hivebuster gear, I must say. It’s his best skin IMO. Was also the first store-only hivebuster skin I dropped coin on, second was Clay’s.

I’m personally not a fan of Hivebuster skins that break canon like Hivebuster Baird being young or the “rumored” upcoming Hivebuster Dom and Anya.


I prefer young Baird, and I see the others as fun “what-ifs”. Having anyone else other than Keegan, Lahni and Mac in a lobby already breaks a lot of canon :joy:

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But… But… Hivebuster JD! Don’t forget about him! :pleading_face:

:l listen Mike…Nah

Hive buster anya :eggplant:

Hivebuster Apa :sweat_smile:
(In my mother language, anya = mother and apa = father :grin:)


I like the fact that the hivebuster skins kind of resemble modern day battle gear. I’ve got them equipped on everyone who has one. Marcus is my main, of course. Here’s a wallpaper I made when it first came out.

Edit: for those who didn’t know, he actually carries and uses Dom’s knife that was given to him in Gears 3. I think that’s a great addition and really adds to the character. Of course Marcus would keep this knife and use it again in combat.


I can relate to never caring for Del… but it was his Winter skin that was my fav Del skin of both 4 and 5 lol… regardless Hivebuster skins are cool too

Nah that’s Oliver Queen, ask @ll_R_E_D_l

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