Hivebuster Kait isn't free, but I want it to be

Hi Gears

it would be nice to have this skin added for everyone just because we have the game itself, right?
just like all other hivebusters

Hivebuster Baird wasn’t free.

And at this point people will have bought the skin. So I doubt it will happen.

They have sold a number of things that probably should have been in supply.

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Neither was Marcus.

@OP I’m glad this thread is just e-begging. I thought for a second that TC ■■■■■■ up once again and had an error in the store.

Damn you, don’t make topic titles like this. It’s clickbait.


I thought it became free with that title.

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I bought it, I thought it was free now and I was getting iron back.

You ■■■■■■■

Edited the title so it’s no longer cliclbait and now rhymes.


ok thanks, didn’t want it to be clickbait

this skin should be at least obtainable through Tour of Duty

What was the original title, I missed it. Was it just “Free Hivebuster Kait,” or something like that?

" Hivebuster Kait Free for Everyone!"

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