Hivebuster DLC bug

We have an issue on hivebusters, during the village section with the silverbacks.

Game says clear the village but nothing is happening, we have nowhere to go and no enemies are appearing. I looked on a youtube video and the wall is supposed to break down with more enemies, but its not happening

Must be a Pouncer hiding somewhere. Similar thing happened to us.

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For me it was a hunter hiding in a corner. It wouldn’t move unless I was literally on top of her, took me a few minutes to find.

I hope it doesn’t happen to me. I’m right at the checkpoint before that stage on Insane and want to get through it and away from that DLC as soon as possible.

Restarting deleted all our upgrades and collectibles! Good QA team!!! How about fire all of them if they can’t find natural bugs in a 3 hour dlc.