Hivebuster Campaign a real disappointment

I thought the dlc was great. Theres things id change sure but not a lot. I went in already being a fan of Lahni and Mac and left loving them more. Was and still am indifferent to Keegan. Hana was a good fresh face, was good seeing Hoffman again. Would do this 1000x over having to play through as Kait or Del. Hana had more of a personality in her half hour than those two in 2 games. Not killing the Waakatu was refreshing. Loved how there were things that only certain characters could do like Lahni going through tiny spots, Mac fixing things, etc.

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At least these people are doing something. Imagine if you made a game. It wouldn’t even have logical and complete sentences in the first paragraph.


Dlc was great. I have played it twice now. I think it’s really cool how they dish out the characters backstories. After my first play through as Mac I had a hunch that when you walked through the gas clouds you’d get a glimpse into each characters backstory and was correct when I confirmed it with my Lahni second playthrough just gotta finish with Keegan now. Not to mention I never knew Cole had a daughter so that was a pleasant surprise in itself. I’m surprised that wasn’t a big thing on the forums tbh I figured people would be talking about that more.

I thought the story was alright, the environments looked nice, the boss played well, and the arenas were well designed and varied for the most part. It was a good DLC.

You could argue that the price is a little steep, but that’s up to you as a person. I would also have liked to have seen mutators in the DLC on day one, which would’ve helped with replayability. I also would’ve liked to see some different enemy types as well.

I don’t really know what you was expecting, but this was just about what I expected out of this DLC. Its a decent length as well, I think making it longer might have risked the DLC dragging out its welcome for a bit too long.

If they added mutators to the mode, maybe even an Arcade mode, the DLC probably would’ve been rated much higher from people.

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I disagree. I think Gears suits these linear rollercoaster experiences better than the open world stuff of the main campaign. That had much larger portions of “doing nothing useful” than this did.


It was forkin class ya whopper

Can’t wait to replay it


I do agree with you Satin, but I didn’t choose to buy the DLC, nor did I get a choice as to whether I wanted to download it. When you have game pass all DLC are automatic updates. You can’t even choose to skip or delete it. Worst part, it took 3 days to download for some reason, and I can download 15GB overnight. I only knew of the Hivebusters campaign through game news and was forced to download it, so gave it a try. It’s length isn’t my biggest complaint, the lack of action and pointless walking around is. I really expected a lot more fights with enemies. And as for the story, wasn’t really expecting much there. Gears jumped on that ban wagon in Judgement and stuck with every since, and even though I skip most of the scenes when they seem to run a little long, I’ve never actually cared for them.

As for what KC Jay said, he was right. Gameplay for was very sluggish on an Xboc One S, and all the just walking around and talking made have the campaign boring. It was more sluggish than the game campaign, which also had some pointless moving around - as another person pointed out. And the ending was a bit abrupt. I too was expecting to escape a hive or something. The game was short, but seriously lacking in action. That was my biggest point that most of you missed, or maybe I didn’t choose my word carefully enough.

How do you expect TC to do world building and character development in the games properly when 90% of the time you’re just fighting enemies which leaves no or little room for exploring and/or character interactions that aren’t marked/interrupted by fighting? In some cases that would work but you don’t get the characters talking about their own backgrounds, motivations and the like when you’re fighting Swarm/Locust.

Thats sad…
Actually a lot of people on the forums were having issues downloading the DLC at launch.

It is an origin story for the Hivebusters, in a brand new set of environments, based off the Escape mode. Immediately I’m set for a lot of cinematics and talking, and world building. Sure, you want some action, its a Gears game, but even Gears 2 had its fair share of quiet moments.

Sure the ending was a bit abrupt, you could have escaped a hive at the end, but I don’t think finishing it on that note would have made it better or worse, it would’ve felt like padding at that point.

I don’t know where you got the had to update the game thing from, I had to manually select the game to download the 8GB Hivebusters DLC, and I have GPU. Everyone had to download the 20GB update regardless, which included things other than the DLC.

I mean, sure it could’ve had a bit more action, but there is a lot in there already, maybe you were unsatisfied with the encounters themselves as opposed to the number of encounters?

I understand the game can’t be all action nor would I want it to be. I remember the old Gears days when Marcus would hold his finger up to his ear so he could more clearly talk to control and others while walking slowly through an area.

That being said, the formula still felt a little off to me and pacing just overall too slow.

As someone who gives a lot of flack about TC having horrible management of this game, I will say hivebusters was incredible. I enjoyed the main campaign but to be honest after playing through the DLC it made realize the main campaign felt dull and lacking spirit. It kind of reminded me of old gears which was a welcome surprise. So I am not sure what you are smoking but that piece of content has been the best TC has released. Let’s hope that flows over into the next gears they make.


I wouldn’t count on the price dropping, isn’t RAAM’s Shadow still not the same price? And that DLC is about 9 years old now.
I’d recommend to just try some good GP offer to get it for free or for € 1.-.

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As others pointed out, it was announced that the DLC has a relative short running time. And if you play on a low difficulty and don’t bother with the collectibles then of course you will move quickly through the DLC. That’s on yourself.
I also don’t understand how you think it abruptly ended: there was a clear end goal to where you’d go and facing the Wakaatu was clearly the signal that you’ve reached the final boss fight.

I can imagine if you’d find the action lacking, it’s definitely not as action packed like RAAM’s Shadow. Some parts also felt like they could have been more difficult but hey, at least the check points were made good. I’ll never forget the pain of doing the museum scene in Gears 4. But you’ll need better arguments to convince people of your opinion.

i thought i was great, i would’ve liked them to explore all 3 characters back stories more (inparticular keegans) . Besides that, even thought it was short those 2-4 hours were more fun than both gears 4 and 5’s campaign!

With no Jack, we would need something to fill that void.

I beat the main campaign and never touched it again. I’ve played the dlc campaign 3 times already.
I think TC finally realized people would rather play characters with personalities and history

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I’m one who’s usually pretty critical about Gears 5, but Hivebusters was a nice short fun addition. I don’t really see the issue?

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Have to agree, hivebusters was boring beyond believe and the chars were not the slightest charismatic at all.
Story is quite ridiculous.20 bucks have been wasted.

You’re crazy it was sick better than the actual campaign for how short it was