Hivebuster Campaign a real disappointment

Just completed the Hivebusters campaign and have to say, for a 20GB download, it was relatively short, not very exciting, and a waste of my time. It only two about two hours to complete, mostly because of the story scenes and all the pointless walking around and other nonsense actions. I’d say this campaign was 30% pointless actions, 20% action, 20% doing nothing useful and 30% story scenes. If this is the best that The Coalition can, I can’t wait to see the disaster they’ll call Gears 6. I’m so disappointed that it ended so abruptly, I want my download time back. It really does feel like they rushed this one, made sure there were no bugs, and just approved it up for downloading without making sure it was a decent update. Who in that company actually approved this horrible addition to an already poorly put together game? I’m going to put my money on some 10 yr old who thought it was too hard.


So basically you complain because it was short and it was a waste of 20gb. Maybe next time you’ll do a quick check, review or whatever, like the 1 minute read from twitter that stated 3 hour long DLC.

I was pleasantly surprised by it, beautiful artwork, ok story, good fights and a badass boss. Obviously the cherry on top comes courtesy of Hoffman, can’t wait to have him in MP.


If you say so


Lol. Funny guy.

Everyone has different tastes I guess.


We sure do mate!

I’m gonna go and play the DLC for the 4th time now. All this talk about it has made me feel nostalgic.


Unless we’re talking about Witcher 3, most games with story based DLC add ons don’t last longer than a few hours. Also, if you didn’t beat it on Insane and get all the collectibles, you only have yourself to blame for blasting through it.


except for the characters who are quite charismatic It’s not as good as they say had good moments more like in the campaign the last minutes without emotion, without a great boss that involves an epic battle several moments of just dialogues little action for a game of gear

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Is what I said in other thread, it’s a big meh, but hey, some specialized video games magazines like digital foundry praises the dlc for amazing graphics or other websites comparing it with halo 3 ODST😆, but the core of a game that is the gunplay, game mechanics, replay value? That doesn’t count?
For me is useless a game with stunning graphics if the maps designs don’t encourage you to replay the levels.
Personally I would prefer a PC ports of Gears of War 1, 2, 3 and Judgment to Steam, with a minor tweaks and performance fixes and I won’t play my other new game anymore except sometimes Halo TMCC and some other oldies games I own.
Oh and RAAM’s Shadow did it much better, better maps, bettter moments and in other words, keeps you PLAYING.
Those who don’t want to see the bad things of something, are only fanboys/fangirls, 0 objective.


This DLC is beautiful, fun and the scorpio squad story is great… Just an amazing and great DLC.
Short, yeah, but great !
Is better than long and boring.


Well dang…

I haven’t tried it yet but I have it.

I don’t like powers in my gears but I’ll give the dlc a fair shot.

Pretty sure you’ll like it bruv

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So many men, so many minds.
Personally I loved it. It’s a great storyline, beautiful artwork, badass bosses and more.
I played with my friends and we did first play through on Inconceivable. Took us 10 hrs. We got the collectibles, unlocked a bunch of achievements and skins.
It’s been the most fun we’ve had recently.

On a side note- I believe this DLC was only 8gb. The other 12 gb was Title Update, If I’m not mistaken.


I played on Experienced and have no interest in playing it again. And I blame TC for not making it worth it.

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The DLC was only three hours long, multiple articles already stated this.

You should have done a little background check on what the DLC has to offer before paying/downloading it.

Because the DLC was only 3 hours long, I didn’t pay $19.99 upfront, because I thought that the price/content ratio didn’t make sense.

Here’s a little thread I made a while ago, criticizing the price point for this game:

Many people on the forums are satisfied with the story, gameplay, replay value etc.
That’s cool, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from TC.

But I can’t bring myself to pay $19.99 upfront to only play for three hours( I don’t have xbox gamepass ultimate).

In the end, I’m glad I didn’t buy the DLC on launch.

Many people on the forums have convinced me that the DLC is overall good, and I’m excited to try it out. But I’ll probably wait for the price to drop below $10.

I enjoyed it but it wasn’t great by any means. The pacing just seemed really slow. Way too much walking around pointlessly, have a small battle with a couple enemies, and then more slow pacing. Even the battles themselves felt pretty simple for the most part and didn’t have much of an epic feel to any of them.

Short, yes… just as it was advertised and as I would expect from a DLC rather than a full game.

As for pointless actions, I disagree… it all seemed to move along quite nicely… if you wanna see wasted time of pointless actions… replay Acts 2 and 3 of the main campaign. There’s a crap ton of dead time on a skiff.



Im 50/50 on the whole thing. While I did enjoy it it just kinda ended really quickly for me. I honestly thought near the end there would be a hive to escape. It was a good story and I think it would be a mistake for TC not to continue it with more DLC in the furture. It did leave me wanting more and I know there are books and comics to read on the hivebusters but I think more DLC or games would be better. Im just not a fan of developers filling in gaps (Example: Events between Act 1 and 2) in video games with comics or books and still deliver a game after the fact lol.

I thought the same about escaping a hive, but tbh I loved how it ended, it was the perfect ending that leads you into escape mode, which I never play tbh, but I did understand the set up and liked that it basically turned into an Escape Mode build up lol

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I disagree. I loved the atompshere and 3 skins you got. Loved the story, the lore, the character development. Felt like a movie. Would gladly spend 20 dollars for that, however, I only spent 1.