Hive Master 1 questions

This operation has me slightly discouraged. It specifies that one is to complete all the challenge hives on master difficulty. I’m left to assume their will be only 10 in the operations life time but for the love of god tell me we aren’t expected to complete the first weeks challenge on master or bye bye ever completing all operation ?!?!? Also what if your gone for work for a week ? This is extremely frustrating and I’m hoping someone has and answer before the the hive is gone .

I don’t really know, to be honest. As the operations are 12 weeks long, and if you look at the challenge that says “Master ALL hives in operation 1” it makes no sense. If a new hive challenge comes out each week, that’d mean there would be 12 hives, not 10 like the challenge says to complete. This game is all sorts of messed up, so it might be another one of their mistakes.

I’m having high hopes that it’s just a reset for the placement rewards and all challenge hives will be playable for the entire operations . I really really wish they would clarify some of this before setting it lose on the world and making us guess what has a timer on it.

I think you mean escape master 1.

Hive master 1 is any hive 5 times on master difficulty in ops 1