Hitmarkers For Gnasher

I was thinking that there should be hitmarkers for let’s say the gnasher. Every shot you shoot at an enemy should show how much of the spread was put into the enemy between the crosshairs (like a red dot for every shot of spread) of the gnasher. Let’s be honest, I’m sure we’ve all shot close up but only put damage into the enemy as they shoot the same distance and killed you or maybe in an intense situation you’ll want to know if you hit that shot good or not and you sit there and wonder where your other shots from the spread went or to even see if you hit them all.

If you record Instant replay and then slow it down for review later it can help.

Lots of wtf shots I do that with and later on I look and somehow my bullets ended up somewhere whacky where in game I’d bet everything it was point blank core shot.

Usually corner pop shots do this… In slow Mo it will be going past their ankle or something. I don’t know whether to attribute to lag in some cases or what.

This is a great example. Game was laggy and this guy had high ping. I’d have sworn I hit him… Slow it down tho.

Then again you also run into crap like this which… there’s just nothing you can do.

That’s what the blood splatter was for in Gears 3, but TC removed it