Hitching badly in game

Anyone else experiencing terrible Hitching in game? Last night it was so bad it was almost unolayable. Im on a series x.

Is it roughly similar to lagging? I have done on and off for a little while now but its possibly my internet connection.

The game basically skips forward.

Yeah I’ve had that a few times, really annoying when your connection is fine most of the time. I’m on PC

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More than likely packet loss. It comes and goes and only applies for specific regions of the world.

Like US East. Only the most populated sever in the world.

@SH00BiE_D00 Ive see people complain about the packet loss issue. Domez and Icy have been complaining about it as well. They were talking about it being “laggy”. But that makes sense. It happened last night. Probably about peak time. Im still thinking this is a transport issue with the data center. Especially if its transient. (The packet loss issue). Thanks. Its not a Game issue. The game is static now. No tweaks. Its something going on at the data center/centers.

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Does this train of thought still apply to today’s game?

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