Hitboxes/ wins shouldn’t award negative points

I’m enjoying the game but these hit boxes at least following the kill cams are ridiculous. I don’t understand the point of it. Also i don’t understand when i get mvp with a win and lose points? Lol what a joke.

The kilcam.is to give u an idea of where or how u got crossed if ur not sure . Why are u watchin it like its some youtube analaytical video of ur gnasher fight or something? U missed n he bodied u… there is no useful information majority of the time in such situations.
Not sayin ur talkin about ur gnasher fights etc. Just givin an example

Same thing could be said in CoD.

U sprint round cover, guy is walking around n hard aims. U have to fknish ur sprint animation, lift ur gun n shoot etc. The reason u died i obvious. He had frame advantage. Its useless almost in every circumstance if u dont know how to use a killcam.

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Ur cod point is a bad example sorry not trying to be rude but that doesn’t work

he’s correct. the Kill Cam is a bad representation of what’s happening.

use it to find where a sniper/distant enemy shot you from. don’t use it to hyper analyze a Gnasher battle.


Well im glad one person understands what i was tryin to say lol

Tech 2 others also liked ur post.buy i mean i am glad it made sense u coupd read it n mostly undersyand it haha