Hit registration

Can we please get an update on the hit registration and maybe I can not play People from Mexico all the time? The hit registration is garbage in these matches. So many shots getting ghosted. I’ve seen my lancer shoot out 6 blank shots before the 7th hit the enemy.

Please fix the hit registration in this game.

EDIT: People are also teleporting around


They lost the American support seeing how they cater so hard to people fromMexico.

With the story, content, even reducing our connection to buffer theirs.

It’s stupid for sure.


Ghost shots
3 pellet hits when a character fills my gnasher crosshair almost completely
Pressing fire and nothing happens
Being nearly insta downed by a single Lancer (all shots register at once, kinda rare but happens)
Dying to an explosion miles from you
Dying round corners/through walls
And of course the classic close range trade where you are chunked but your opponent is hit for 87 - 99%

And most of these happen regardless of my ping or that of my opponent. Though things are definitely worse vs high ping opponents.
There’s something fundamentally wrong with the games online and no one is ever where they appear to be.

It’s probably too late for Gears 5. From what I understand only a handful of devs are actively working on it. And if a games online hasn’t improved a year in it probably never will. Maybe Gears 6 will, well… work.


Ping doesn’t really determine some of these outcomes, you’re correct.