Hit Detection Question

It should be noted that I had high ping for this match, so I can understand the second shot not registering, but is that really why my first shot didn’t gib and only did 52% damage?

First shot looks like only 6 pellets hit.

Game f-u-c-k-I-n-g sucks


OP missed his pop shot (at least as far as I can tell- not trying to flame). That doesn’t mean the game sucks. When you’re pop shotting, the reticle moves extremely rapidly toward center screen over the course of only a few frames. If you fire one frame too early, your shot is not going to hit center mass. That seems to be what happened based on the screen shots (hence why only 6 pellets hit).

Mark, thanks for the analysis and feedback. So how exactly do you translate what the orange markers on Lahni’s torso show in the third frame, versus what the reticle hit marker shows in frames four and five? I’m confused because the reticle markers seem like I hit her in the head.

Ya, the hit marker is weird now that you point it out. I’m counting the pellets from what is showing up on Lahni’s body (which looks like either 6 or 7). Not sure why that’s different than the number of pellets indicated in the hit marker.

I guess the Gears gods decided it wasn’t Lahni’s time after what Tai did.

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LUL. Haven’t played the campaign yet, but I figured there might be a connection between her and Tai. Must be awkward interactions when she’s around Marcus.

For spoiler clarity (no spoilers ahead anyway):

If you look at her in the customize tab, her name is “Lahni Kaliso”, and the wiki says she’s Tai’s cousin.

Ha, I do hope she and Marcus met at some point, and he felt weird about handing her a gnasher.

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She was probably just far enough to where the gnasher damage falls off? Either that or the game just blows.

Second shot definitely was due to ping.

You got the video by any chance?

That would have been a gib on another Gears game for sure.


I do. Wish it had the X-files theme. Does the the damage fall off directly over cover?

I find it astonishing that you can even see your Gears 5 clips on any XboxDVR site. For a lot of people, you can rarely see them. My game clips on Gears I uploaded over a week ago are only just now showing up.

This one uploaded so I’ll show you this. If anyone says there’s no hitreg issues, they’re lying.

From my own personal experience, when their in cover and you shoot like this, the gnasher does feel inconsistent in terms of damage. I’ve had multiple times where I hit them over cover and don’t get a gib. Not sure if something is up.

They don’t care about hit detection, they only care about making it look like nobody is lagging. Everything you see on your screen is a lie, a prediction, until you receive an update/tick from the server. The prediction algorithm can even wrongly predict your movement/aim on the server, and make you miss or look like a bad player. I find that the game seems to reward inaccuracy and clumsy game-play to assist noobs, as the prediction algorithm struggles to accurately synchronise complex movement.