Hit detection is broken beyond measure now

Since op7 dropped hit detection is broken asf

Even in horde and escape shots don’t register even with scorcher the first 4 seconds are not throwing any numbers up


Any clips or anything to showcase your issues? No?

I haven’t noticed anything and I’ve played a lot of PvE in the last 2 days. Even played with someone from the US yesterday and apart from the usual Ghostmelee-shenanigans I haven’t noticed anything unusual.


I haven’t noticed anything, except I got mostly good ping games the last days.

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95% of the time people complain about shots not registering it turns out they just missed.


Imagine missing with the Scorcher though. That’s an achievement in itself.

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Or Boom. Oh wait…


At least your frags work.

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Exactly. They are extremely effective. Just not on the correct people.


I especially like it when I explode before or in the middle of “frag out.”


I’ve also noticed that each play list works completely differently. Control everything tickles. TDM everything melts

My usual is from 30-60 ping, I’m getting a steady 13-15 this op. Gifthorses, mouths, I’m not gonna complain

It’s been like that since day 1. Welcome to Gears 5!


All the 1 hit 98% BS is back again with the shotguns

It’s been like this since OG Gears of War…

Sorry to say…

Don’t know if that will be addressed but it won’t change

Maybe in 6 with the new engine?

My advice is if you play any Gears game just expect it but don’t trip about it.

Sometimes servers are on your side & sometimes they’re not.

If you watch sports I’d like to think of them as the referee…

Some referees are biased & penalize the team more aggressively & next game it’s the other teams turn for such treatment…

& sometimes it’s mutual