Hilarious Ranking Results

Check these TDM results from last night
I still can’t wrap my head around this ranking system :joy:

Match 1: TDM
Had 2 stalemates, Win, another stablemate ,
Then another Win
We ended up winning 2-0, 27 elims, 5 deaths
Final points total: -2300

Match 2: TDM
2 wins , MVP , 25 Elims , 4 deaths
+300 points
Teammate who played with me that had
a less score , less elims and more deaths got
+874 points…yet I was freaking MVP

Last game: TDM
Purposely lost both rounds…
0-2 , purposely finished
negative 4 elims, 8 deaths
Total points: +42

Can anyone explain to me what in the blue hell is going on with this ranking system?

Evidence? That would help ur post a lot.

He doesn’t need it. I believe him. It’s so damn flawed that what he says is very believable. Not to worry, they’ll soon break it in other ways fix it.

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Its not that i dont believe em, but it would certainly help show any sense of credibilty…

These are real results from last night.
I was laughing out loud with my squad partner
to the point that I didn’t even think of snapping photos. I will be sure to snap screen shots in future matches because this is ridiculous.
I’ll be sure to post the screen shots in the developer’s thread too

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U def shoupd honestly.
N ya, the points r sooo all over the place i find

Lol, I totally believe it…

I listened to their podcast, I understand what they implemented from the mathematical point of view, but (and I’m getting tired of saying it, but it’s still true) just because something can be defined mathematically doesn’t mean it makes sense or is appropriate…

Their calculations appear to be EXTREMELY sensitive to very small movements in any number of the countless various “performance” factors AND the elements which they use for doing win/loss predictions… Very small changes can have HUGE impact…

How can I gain 1000 points one round and then lose 1000 points the NEXT round, playing the same game, with the same people, same connection, etc… Sure, rounds are never the same, but you can really tell me that, playing about the same, I can be judged to have really outperformed one round and under performed the next around? did I get 17 elimination is one round and 12 in the second? Did I get 5 breaks in first, and only 2 in the second? Those differences are, IMO, not statistically significant, but their system makes HUGE changes in skill point evaluations because these small differences, and creates these numbers…

So it just means that whatever the hidden factors are in their logic, your “performance” tripped/hit them, and this is what their calculator spewed out.

Here is my GUESS at what the results represent, in the TC’s logic:

You were expected to win easily, without any stalemates, and this shows that you “struggled” against a much weaker opponent, so you really under preformed for your level - so your level needs to be adjusted down to reflect your weaker skill.

He did much better against his level than you did against yourself. yes, you got MVP, but you are much higher skilled than him, so he did much better than he was expected to do, compared to how well you did vs how you were expected to do.

Uhmmm… I got nothing… (is that crickets I hear?)

Actually Ryan said the system is SCARY how well it knows you, so maybe the system KNEW you were tanking on purpose, so it didn’t penalize you because it knew you were faking it?

Haha , good evaluations
Who knows. I was onyx 2-3 in gears 4 every season and can’t even get out of silver 2 in
gears 5 :joy:
I will definitely be watching my future stats and providing screen shots in the devoloper thread
I’m sure it won’t fix anything. I really do love gears 5 but the ranking system is significantly flawed

I was mid Onyx in GoW4 by the end (KOTH on this account and KOTH and TDM on another account, I believe) and here proud Silver man!

ohhh, ohhh, I got to Gold last night, and then 3 games, -3000 points, and back to Silver!

This type of post… is exactly why I made my thread, and it describes this one almost down to the letter >.>

I’ll summarize that thread for ya guys:

“git gud”

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Omen, why do you feel that everyone trapped in lower tiers coincidentally has bad stats?..

At least you’re moving up! My experience with the ranks (even after the reset) have been wildly inconsistent still. I was up to Gold 3 during both Gears5 betas with just a few hours I put in to each one. In Gears 4 I was Diamond in KotH for a season and Onyx 3 for the others I played in.

In this game’s live version, I’ve been stuck at Silver 1 since launch. There has been no major downgrade or upgrade in my abilities since the betas until launch yet Silver 1? WTF?!

I’ll be playing gears 5 regardless since I been loyal to the series since gears 1.

From all the experience I’ve had over the years, I say with 99% certainty that the ranking system is broken in gears 5. I’ve ran through entire teams of all diamonds in gears 4 on the daily.

I know I’m not a silver 2 and I don’t need a broke ranking system to tell me otherwise haha.

It’s just a shame that a AAA gaming company can’t get something as simple as a ranking system figured out after multiple installments.

It actually blows my mind

Please keep ranking discussion in the main thread

Thank you.