Hijacked weapons damage

I just messed around with the hijack weapon method and here are my results:

Currently known weapons that are available (dmg per round):

  • Hammerburst (900 damage AR to the head without perk - 1000-1500 damage AR to the head with maxed perk on Marcus, retro just gives 875 AR to the head with perk and card)
  • Claw (1500 dmg no AR to head, 2500 AR to head with max perk on Marcus)
  • Markza (1200 dmg no AR to head on Fahz, 2500dmg AR to head on Fahz, can headshot, relatively standard Markza 625 dmg no ar and ~1200dmg ar to head)
  • EMBAR (6000 AR to body on Fahz, headshots not available)
  • Longshot (8800 AR to body on Fahz, no headshots available)
  • Bow (Damage wasn’t displayed, 1/4 of DR-1 health on wave 34 on AR to head on Fahz)

Currently unavailable weapons:

  • Overkill (weapon trade not available)
  • Boomshot (no enemy available)
  • Dropshot (no enemy available)
  • Retro Lancer (no enemy available)
  • Lancer (no enemy available)
  • Freedom Lancer GL (no enemy available)
  • Boltok. (no enemy available)
  • Talon (no enemy available)
  • Snub (no enemy available)
  • Breaker Mace (no enemy available)
  • all heavy weapons (not available method)

Weapons to test:

  • Enforcer
  • Gnasher
  • Grenades
  • shock Grenades

Worth mentioning:

  • Swarm weapons are copied weapons from standard weapons with other tuning setting,
  • if you have hijacked claw, after standing near standard claw , you can swap weapons, can’t pickup ammo.
  • Gonna test Locker how it work with hijacked guns
  • Longshot and EMBAR can’t headshot enemies
  • Claw ammo refill count is same for ammo box and ammo pouch,
  • Markza can still freeze enemies
  • Markza ammo count can be affected by Fahz ammo capacity perk,

When I do more testing, I’ll update it here. I’m posting it cause it’ll be patched anyway as this was mentioned on other threads.

Elite Grenadiers after they lost their helmet and the 2 scions. Same for the heavies now that I think about it.

You have to trade weapon with other players to have this method work, u can’t trade with scion, and You cant trade with elite grenadiers, even if option appears.

As in you hijack someone, trade weapons and keep those for the normal team?

Yes, and they have other tuning settings, as you can read from first post.

Yeah I knew that, but you could still test the damage if you wanted to.

I don’t have 2 gamepads to test ot whenever I can, just mastered Reclaimed with friends and during that we tested how this work with other weapons.

Gnasher and Overkill trades do not work. I tried it with a friend several times and the game would not allow me to take the weapon.

I assume it won’t work, but we were able to trade torque bow after several tries, so it maybe available in specific manner.

Just to add, that for the Longshot while you cannot headshot an enemy in the sense of popping their heads, you still get increased headshot damage so the Hijacked Longshot is still great for robots, Scions, Imagos and other enemies who DBNO rules do not apply to.

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But not for the EMBAR? I found it would not apply any headshot damage if I hijacked a Deadeye or Sniper Elite with Jack while leveling him and went for a headshot, which made them very underwhelming to take over and use.

Fix the exploit and move on.

So funny to see some of the same people that call everything else an exploit sad at this one on the radar now.

Not totally sure as my friend was playing as Fahz and he didn’t properly test the EMBAR, not with headshots anyway. He tested a few body shots and that was all.

This setting shows that TC prevented snipers and deadeyes from insta-killing whole teams.

Also you see the difference in Marcus inability to do damage. If you have Lancer card equipped, maxed up damage perk, you will still deal 350 dmg AR to head, and retro 875 dmg AR to head, which recalculates as 40 rounds to kill imago with lancer, and 30 rounds to kill drone after wave 41. And when you have ult on 100% accuracy to head.

He was referring to when Longshot / EMBAR traded from Jack to team mates. If we’re going off Jack using them as hijacked Snipers, their Longshot would headshot but don’t remember for EMBAR.

And I was also referring to the EMBAR from a hijacked Deadeye or Elite Sniper, which was implicit given the nature of this thread/discussion, so your point…?

No no, this thread is about weapon damage when Jack trades the hijacked weapon to team mate. Not when Jack uses these weapons. These figures come from Marcus, Fahz using weapons traded by Jack, along with perk bonuses and card damage.

And I was asking about whether the EMBAR could deal extra headshot damage if Fahz got one from a hijacked enemy and used it. How difficult is it to get that? Do I have to detail every single question of mine to the absolute tiniest detail when it should be obvious given the discussion at hand?

We can try it later if you play Fahz.

If I even want to play Fahz which isn’t likely. Or even Horde for that matter.