Hijacked enemy's weapons are almost useless

I play Jack a lot, at higher diff levels, and I noticed… When I take over someone with a trishot,for example, that trishot does a fraction of the damage which a regular trishot does in my hands, as Lizzy/etc…

It’s gotten to the point where I just take over enemies to immediately blow them up and move on…

I get that the weapons won’t be insanely powerful, but they aren’t even as powerful as when we use them - that’s just BS…

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I think the Tri-Shot on enemies hijacked by Jack is either severely underpowered or was somehow forgotten by TC because it’s actually WORSE than taking over a Mulcher Scion! Putting aside the horrible accuracy, it does like, only 180 n something damage per shot, and I think it still suffers from the cooldown. Meanwhile a hijacked Mulcher Scion is a tool of absolute destruction. 540 damage per shot, fires quickly, got lots of health… and doesn’t seem to have this awful accuracy the weapon normally has.


Yes they made some strange choices with Hijacked enemies. Oppressors are weak, Mulcher Scions are very good. Drones oddly have only 3 round burst Hammerbursts, while Elite Drones have a triple damage Claw. At 1575 damage per Active headshot, that’s superior to a Marcus with all Perks and damage buffs at max level!


They do have significantly higher damage with it over the six round burst player Hammerburst. I’ve used them and Drone Elites to give a good spanking to Sentinels in Horde Frenzy when I was using it to level Jack up to 15, if any showed up.


No wonder they down people so easily

I SAW THAT! I accidentally took one over , thinking it was something else, and I was surprised by how well it worked, I thought it was a fluke or something…

Ok, gonna have to try that, for sure… :slight_smile:

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Totally agree. I have a lvl 14, might be 15 and good cards but as you say weapon damage is ar rse!

I’ve used drone elites to give a good spanking to swarmaks on master.

The salvo DR1 can deal out some damage as well, but apart from that, the damage is really weak, for the most part.

Then again I’ve not played Jack on a difficulty below master for 5 months :joy:

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Haven’t played Jack above Elite tbh. And when I did run into Swarmaks in Frenzy it would always be alongside the Grenadier spawns and their helmets gotta be knocked off to be hijacked… not mentioning they ain’t that great against the Swarmak. Once I got him to Level 15, I stopped bothering cause I just found it so boring to be Jack for it to not be worth the tradeoff to have the ability to hijack enemies.

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It’s sad and/or hilarious how weak the Mulcher is for players compared to the scion. Can hardly kill anything bigger than a drone, but Scions wreck with it.

I jumped into a private custom, on insane, I think, I ijacked an elite drone, and yeah, I was able to do a reasonable amount of damage with the claw… So that definitely looks like a good thing…

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I found the best enemies to hijack are Elite Drones (630 per shot as the base damage is really good,) normal Drones (270 a bullet in a 3 round burst ain’t bad,) Mulcher Scions (540 a bullet is crazy,) Devastators (the rockets are pretty strong) and Pouncers sometimes (their quills are strong but only good at closer ranges. I usually only hijack them if they get in the base and are causing trouble.)

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Sadly theres only a few Enemys that are Worth Hijacking (if you wanna kill Enemys with it)
Boomshot Scions,Mulchers,Elite Drones and maybe in early Waves (1-10 or 11-20) a Dr1-Devastator. I agree that Dr1-Oppressors should deal alot more Dmg when Hijacked also i feel like the Buzzkill Scions are way to weak (in higher Waves just like Dr1-Devasators)
And most most importantly i still feel like Jack’s Ultimate should recharge Faster.

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So today i was doing Master and i saw a mulcher scion… I took it over and proceeded to quickly shred two boomshot scions, haha… Yeah, that thing works :grin:

Nice! How’s that Elite 2 controller holding up? I gave up on it a while ago because I received 4 defective replacements in a row.

Wow really

I’ve been thinking of buying one

Yeah I think I was very unlucky. Frustrating because there is a lot to like about it. I’d say give it a try and you’ll hopefully get a fully functioning one!

I went with this in the end… for about 1/5 of the price. We’ll see how long it lasts:

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Its ok…

Problems with it disconnecting from the console for 5 to 10 sec at the most inconvenient times (both wireless AND via cable too), and problems with bumpers: i find it double taps RB a lot, so i jam reloads a lot: i tap it once, and it registers as a double tap…

Beyond that, not much new…

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You just about can’t find one. Rumor has it they’ve been recalled to fix some major drifting issues.

I’ve looked for one. The places that offer a reliable warranty are all out of stock.

I bought a warranty right from microsoft, after i got the unit from EB Games

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