Highlights of the absolutely terrible matchmaking(post your screenshots of your most unfair games)

Me(onyx 3) and my friend(who’s doing their placements) are put against Hydrone, a PROFESSIONAL player

I’m stacked with 2 of the Gold 2s and we’re against a full onyx team with gold teammates

This is the worst of the lot, Me and 2 gold 2s against a full diamond stack, what’s even worse is we have someone doing their placements on my team (when it’s clearly a new account so he shouldn’t be) he was a pretty good player but regardless he shouldn’t be getting matched in that in his placements

What is wrong with the matchmaking? KOTH and Boxes are in the top 3 most popular game modes and it’s giving me those games

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My Theory : If you’re doing or playing with someone who is placement rank the system just says **** all logic and puts you against whoever is searching may that be bronze and silver or stacked Onyx and diamonds. Far as the KOTH with the golds go idk, I guess since gold is right below onyx the game thought it was alright?

I would lean towards this. I feel like the system looks at unranked players as a wildcard. It’s like type o negative blood type and fits anywhere… a high or low ace in blackjack… it is whatever the system decides it wants it to be.

"Well, we have 5 diamonds here ready to play… and we have a couple onyx and golds… hmm that won’t work.

Hold on… wait just a minute. An unranked just joined the pool. Let’s interpret the wildcard as a Diamond 5 and this really evens things out.

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Works the other way too though. A D5 skilled player can be an unranked… and get placed into a readily available game of bronzes and just annihilate the whole board. (just rarer)

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It’s probably low player population… you get what is available…

But you are right, I definitely have ended up with some unbalanced games, diamonds against golds, but thankfully they aren’t THAT common (in koth)…

Ohh, re unranked: yup. We lost a koth few days ago to a 4 person squad, 3 of whom were unranked diamonds … I msged them after and they even apologized, they haven’t been on in a while so were unrsnked this season. But awesome players, no stupid humping or anything…

Tell me bout it. Just lost a 7-1 match to a couple of bronze Smurf accounts and we both were O2. They knew what they were doing and it was just killin us the whole game like they were a bunch of diamonds.

Really starting to hate smurf accounts now.:roll_eyes:

Let’s bump this thread up because oh boy the bs matchmaking I’ve had this morning, I was searching with a friend who’s bronze 2 in Boxes(onyx 3 in other modes) and we come up against 2 onyx 3s twice in a row, very fun and yeah I should definitely be expected to win that, one of them even said they were surfing and were diamond 5 on their main account

Later I had the luxury of playing 2 diamond 5s, 2 diamond 4s and a diamond 2 in loth while my team was me(onyx 3) a diamond 4, an onyx 3, another onyx 3 and a silver 3, such fair and fun matchmaking

I did my first quit in a long time last night… We were on raven down koth (with randoms), and from the first instant we just got steamrolled. It was not pretty, seriously, multiple players on the other side were just destroying us, effortlessly, 1 against 2 sometimes 1 against 3… It was really pointless… One of us rage quit, I just waited until the option showed up and left the game too, without penalty… So I didn’t get to see their ranks… But either they were Diamonds and we got horrible match making, or they were Diamonds on new accounts, and they were smurfing…

Love playing with a silver 2 on boxes and finding an onyx 3 and and diamond 3 too