Higher level horde people

I just wondered I’m Wings 2 I think it is, I usually am able to play horde on Insane with people around wings 1, 2 and 3 or lower fine but when they get above that they more often doing things to ruin it for others, like hold the fabricator until people quit, sit behind it until quit or sit behind wall do nothing then quit its a trend from what I can tell lately with the higher people.

These are very high levels the one today was a TealYellow who held the fabricator. I just wondered how common it is for other people because for me its almost every time I play with one. People just swing at them and then quit why is that fun to see? Every time I see a very high rank I think its best to quit but I try it and sure enough they do bad things even if its boredom why even play it then. I think ive only seen about 3 that didnt do something to ruin things on purpose whether it be at the beginning or half way through. I guess us lower levels are actually trying to play the game still?

Anyone else having this issue more? Ive seen complaints about newer players but I see this deliberatly making it worse, it makes me think newer people are better now at least they aren’t doing it on purpose.


People just being dumb in the game. They get such a sense of accomplishment by ruining other peoples games.


It does seem to be one extreme or the other. I am re up 9, and usually only go puplic for the events. It often seems that higher level players tend to think they need to run solo and not care about the team. Or they quit when things don’t go ecactly right.

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I’m wings 5 and I’ve never done that,

I think the fabricator belongs to Engineer first on which I don’t run anymore as it’s tedious.

I’ve played on public for over 1000 hours, and I’ve witnessed what you are referring to, even by my friends.

Many guys think that Engineer abuses the fabricator by spamming the sentries, hence their reactions by holding the fabricator.

As a result, I’d highly recommend not to play without a team anymore…


Interesting. I know that some people (not a lot, but some) who spend a lot of time on this game tend to be real oddballs. I’ve met some re-up 5 and beyonds who were always drunk/high past the point of being able to function normally. Some who were neurotic and constantly complaining, even when things were going fine.

There was one a couple weeks ago who did very little while I dispatched 50% of the enemies and after the match he reported me and went onto my recent activity and posted, “AVOID, not a team player, doesn’t deposit at fabricator”.

I was a sniper…
He was a heavy camping the fabricator for mortar strike. We sailed through the match so easily I forgot to drop off bonus money.


I did public when the game first came out then stopped once I found a proper team. Also, I’ve only went into public since then when the Juvie Madness came out for the Aaron Griffin skin. People quit or not, I didn’t care because it was easy to get the kills needed for the skin. Some gamers here say they fair pretty well on public but most don’t. I always went with LFG when I played when my team wasn’t around.


There is a lot of these, I don’t mean all high wings players are bad but there is some bad ones.
But when you get a good one you are a going to have a good match :slight_smile:


All the higher level players I know are excellent players, so I’ve never seen that…

But I do see a lot of stupidity in public games…


Its not very common for me but I have seen it happen a few times. Majority of the time it was the same player holding th fab hostage. I moved onto inconceivable horde and have to say my chances of completing and running into players who will not F it up for everyone else has greatly increased. 3 times on inconceivable I have witnessed someone go out of their way to ruin the game because for whatever reason but thats like out 200+ matches.

I don’t pay that much attention to the level of a player (unless it is disastrously low) but take a mental note of their name and when I see them again I dashboard because hell no I am going to help that player get to wave 50 or watch them ruin another game.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen fabricator held hostage…

What I see in most public matches is people completely lost on higher difficulties. Then a few of them come into this forum to complain about quitters.

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Usually if the Fab is being held while a Heavy/solider is still alive the person holding the Fab is waiting for the Heavy/soldier to kill themselves (usually why atleast)

I’ve been in pubs where the fabricator holder leaves because someone didn’t kill thy self


I know usually when they do that for reason or something but the soldiers and heavy killed themselves then he ran up grabbed it then didnt put it down. I thought he walked away for a break or something but he was aiming his repair tool around while the scout hit him for quite awhile then heavys quit :frowning:

Thx for replying everyone maybe I am just running into the bad ones It just seemed to be more often and wondered if it was normal now in public for others too. I didnt mean to offend higher level people if it seemed like it I just didnt see much about it I hope to run into better ones then.


Not gonna lie - I’m lost most of the time lol but I also don’t play higher difficulty levels.

That’s just dumb. Depending on the card layout - most heavys can’t kill themselves.

Yeah I feel you. It gets even worse when players expect you to trade with the heavy to kill yourself. Not alot of people know about this or have only seen it done from a different perspective.

The trick is to shoot a teammate. Always works!

I would just block the player that tries to ruin the game for everyone else. Never seeing them again in a lobby.

too many of them sadly

Block doesn’t do that.

The guy even gets unblocked after sometime, happened to me a few times.

You know surprisingly enough I did block these players but somehow ran into them again at a later stage. As far as I am concerened blocking only achieves a a suspension.