High Variable Ping Players

HVPP TC, can you make them LESS variable or to see LESS “slipping thru” high ping players cases? Just can’t be both. Ain’t working ■■■■.

Being matched 3x with a full stacked team playing solo, 3 of them were spiking harshly 380 from 80. Didn’t quit but I lost ofc. I quit only +400 player lobbies.

Is there any way in this game to directly address crappy connection population or we’re all good to go with good luck from devs??

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Lag compensation ruins this game.


I read somewhere on the old forum, a good suggestion:

If you ping over 100 ms you should be forced into social

Well, sold.
Connection quality should come first in Ranked, ping priority with no compromise. Best reward for good players is a good lobby. Period.

Regarding lag comp, ruins yes in a way it’s optimised for LAN only, with +/- 20ms ping difference to all in lobby, works great. But this is before the lag comp, unfiltered matchmaking keeps raining crap.

And it wasn’t a kill :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Lag compensation tries to help the game for players with around 60 m/s ping differences.
It’s not a disadvantage, in any way.
It just doesn’t work sometimes for larger than 60 m/s ping differences, and it just can’t be effective.
That doesn’t actually ruin the game if unable to do something.

Almost every game has someone with 100+ ping.

So lag Compensation ruins the game.

No, I think you mean 100+ ping players ruin the game.
So lag compensation is pretty effective for these 100~ ping players.
If you’ve got low ping, you’re overall going to have a better time than 100+ pings with less lagging.
You could defeat 100+ ping and over, players, while 100+ ping have similar chances to kill trade with low pings and 150+.
But at least you as low ping player can defeat 200+ pings pretty easily, denying them from kill trade.

It doesn’t work regardless, why would I want my ping artificially enchanted?

Ping being heightened in Ranked, that could be because connecting to a Server further away.

No idea what you mean …

If you’re playing on a server or data center that’s hosting the match much further away than your local region, for instance a EU player on US servers/data center.
This can be a reason for ping being higher, since you’re now further away or problems with connection (unlikely).
That can be the reason behind it, maybe you never acknowledge it.
Further away = longer round trip time between client and server = lagging, slower response.

The game puts me on US servers maybe once in 50 matches - when my ping goes to 80-100ms - I’m invincible.

99% of times on my own EU server where my ping is very low so it’s all sponge and laggy for me because this game is backwards.

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I can confirm this, kill trade starts with 100+
And it’s every other game now, every second kill is trade. Awesome - not.


When are you going to fix the ping? It is not normal that you are playing a game and the ping will rise above a thousand. Hopefully for Gears 5 This does not happen, but the game in 4 days is dead.

I’m waiting for a moderator to come in here asking why you posted in a topic where the last post was 7 months ago despite your original topic being merged into this by a moderator. :joy: