High skilled PvP players could dominate PvE

Hear me out before you grab your pitch forks!

I Believe General Gears PvP preps you pretty hard for PvE

  • You gain good self awareness
  • Smooth maneuvering
  • Good under pressure
  • Familiar with weapons

Don’t get me wrong, you can gain all of these from PvE aswell but they are definitely amplified on the PvP field. I think if any decent/above average PvP sat down to understand AI, cards and Ultimates they’d make wonderful PvE players!

Unfortunately most PvP players find PvE boring and aren’t afraid to tell you why. Don’t let this pull you down though PvE players, PvP players are consistently screaming about something Whether it be rank system, connection, severs or advantage. Thankfully its not something we have to worry about lol. PvE has issues but its no where close to PvP :wink:

Curious to hear what people think about my statement. PvP players wouldn’t be gods overnight obviously, they’d just learn quicker than someone going into PvE to PvP first. AI can be a ■■■■■ in PvE sometimes, unfair and slightly unpredictable. Not exactly consistent but it DOES happen from time to time.


PvP > PvE

But PvE can’t do the same as PvP.

I’m experienced in PvE, but a Potato in PvP, can’t reach Master in PvP.

I used to be a PvP only player throughout all of Gears but then Gears 5 came out and well ya know, the PvP isn’t really that fun so I mostly play PvE unless OSOK or Bunny Hunt is out.

This is probably why I only really like CQC classes because I get to run around the map destroying everything, like versus.


This I can really relate to. I’ve PvP’d majority of my Gears of War history but 4 and 5 really grabbed my attention with its progression class system. I only got into PvE gears 5 like OP3 or 4 maybe?

I hope it gets even better later.

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I think this exact situation happened for alot of people here on the forums.

I’m sure a PvP sweat could be given a Level 20 Infiltrator class with no prior horde knowledge and be better than most PvE mains lol


Most Clear Observation is PvP player using Marksman & PvE player using Marksman.

PvP players can always Do Wave Clear, but PvE cannot.

But the difference of the Theory between PvP & PvE isn’t that Huge Enough, hence mostly PvP Players can Dominate those PvE players.

“PvP Player has More Advantages than PvE”

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The same could be said the other way around but it depends on playstyle a bit.

I mean awareness etc. can also be tought in PvE on certain maps, especially on early waves or if you’re playing a CQC class.

However a Gnasher is trash in PvE (few exceptions on certain classes) whereas it’s like “the one godly weapon” in PvP. Same thing for the Lancer.

You won’t learn how to actually kill the big guys in PvE as a PvP veteran and you won’t learn about gib-ranges in PvP as a PvE veteran. Covers are also used quite differently between the two modes.

And then there’s also Escape now in PvE which demands on working with the weapons thrown at you and abusing melee-combos and flash abilities. Not something that can be tought in PvP. Good movement wont work against aim-bots.

In other words, you can learn the core movement in both modes for both modes. But how to kill an enemy is a whole different story. Let alone understanding classes and their benefits.


Lost count of the times I’ve seen an obvious pvp player rush up to enemies with a gnasher only to go down again and again and again…
Pvp players are a one trick group and have zero adaptability.


Right saying, if there’s No Community Challenge in Solo Escape, we won’t ever see how a PvE player can able to play like that.

Mainly, what you did is showing the Standard of how a PvE Player can Perform in a Master Way.

I mean showing the Skill from PvE is mainly based on Escape, while Horde is a Teamwork like PvP’s Control…that feeling I mean, Horde is somewhat you can be Carried by other Teammates.

To further explain Horde, I think Engineer is one of the Skillful System to Learn. The Reason why it’s called a “System” because after you know it how to Set the Base, you’ll have a Formula to Set the Base with Different Positions of Taps. Therefore, if you master this Technique, you’re hardly to improve afterward.

The other Classes are CQC Classes, which PvP players never learned from it in PvP. They mostly don’t know you can’t Do Melee in Elite Types of Enemies, and you get Punishment of it, but when PvP players catch up these Things, they just Do Much Better than a PvE player.

It just needs time for PvP players to adopt the PvE System, but how PvE Player can adopt the PvP System with One Shot Kill ? It takes much longer time.

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I know some great PVP players that became a god tier Marksman or Infiltrator quickly.

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As I primarily PvP Player I understand what you’re trying to say, but you can learn on either side. I’ll just comment on this list:

You gain good self awareness - While there can be very tense situations in PvP where your self awareness skills are tested, this is also very true for PvE on higher difficulties. Boomshot/Dropshot Scions or Drone Elites, for example, can down/kill you very quickly if you’re not fully paying attention.

Smooth maneuvering - This is the only I mostly disagree with. Due to the current tuning in Versus, movement is extremely slow and sluggish, a poor shadow of it’s former self. The movement in PvE, however, is flawless. Quick and fluid, exactly how it should be.

Good under pressure - Again, situational in both modes but I’d say more common in PvE. Escape for example on higher difficulties, the venom gives you no choice but to have to push the enemy. Horde also has its moments in later waves.

Familiar with weapons - I’d have renamed this to “accuracy” as it’s much harder to land a headshot, for talking sake, on a competent PvP player than it is a Scion. But anyway, I think you stand a greater chance of using each weapon in PvE than PvP as in the latter you’re relying on map specific weapons. Escape forces you to use whatever weapons the enemy drops or whatever is stored in the supply rooms. Horde gives you every weapon.
Through time you’d learn them all in PvP-only but if compared I’d go with PvE.

I don’t fully disagree with your point as a good PvP would thrive a lot quicker in PvE after a short period, as you’ve said, but I just wanted to comment on the list.


There’s so much aim assist in PVE that if you’re a good shot in PVP, horde and escape are going to feel like a walk in the park. A lot of players are not good shots in PVP even if they’re skilled overall. Just have to look to OSOK events for that.

At least on controller. Mouse on anything higher than beginner is a lot closer to mouse versus than PVE controller is to PVP versus.

Gears 4 PVE and PVP aim assist were much closer. Aiming skill was more directly comparable.

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The aim assist in gears 5 PvE is so aggregous. Ive had it turned off ever since when the game came out i saw that you pretty much just had to aim in the general direction of an enemy and the bullets will auto aim. This is very apparent with the boltok and lancers in PvE.


It applies to every hitscan weapon. Marksman is straight up easier to play on controller with assist enabled than on mouse. By like, a few magnitudes of order. It’s gross.

At the very least, adhesion needs to be removed game wide. Limiting its removal to PVP was a huge mistake. A little magnetism on controller is fine.


I feel personally attacked after our canals lol
but I definitely agree. I get away with far too much on Marksman and I wish it were more difficult honestly.

Also I see a lot of people saying my statements apply on both ends which I totally agree on. I didn’t touch too much on the subject to try and keep it short and sweet.

Just a few cherry picked ones but I totally agree. PvP players would definitely have to adjust to that environment of danger which is in some way worse than PvP due to how fast and questionable you’ll go down.


I hate horde but im really good at it, tbh i dont think its hard to get good at horde. Also good to note they just stare at me when i bounce.

I definitely agree that good PvP players can easily shine in PvE.
From personal experience- I was almost exclusively PvP player in gears 4. Onyx 3, my personal best.

Gears 5 PvP was meh so I switched to Escape. My fave classes/ characters were Lahni and Mac. Love sniping and cqc.

However, I don’t think the same can be said for the other way around.
I don’t know many Horde / Escape players who switched to PvP and are good at it.


I was always a PvP player but with 5 TC really killed my desire to play it. I only really play Versus for events and the medals in each Op.

Other than dealing with Horde’s particular nonsense. I think most could pick it up quite quickly. Edit: I still need to get round to Mastering Horde Frenzy

Escape seems to be more challenging for newcomers to the mode no matter their experience with Gears.

I’m very good at Beginner Coop vs AI playlists. I can destroy everything and everyone in both PvP and PvE :sunglasses:

Except Boomshot Scions. And real players on the opposite team.

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Haha, it’s nothing personal. I’m a Marksman main myself. I also play both controller and mouse. Controller with assist is baby easy mode in PVE.