High Roller emblem for 3000 scrap. Why?

So, what’s the point of blowing 3000 scrap on an emblem? I don’t get it.

Scrap is meaningless to me at this point because I have everything + 70k scrap.

I’m assuming we get an emblem or something for it in Gears 5? The road to gears 5 page doesn’t show what we get for crafting it but I’m hoping we get an emblem for it.

Or it could be genuinely for no reason lol.

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My son did it and said he got Gears 5 scrap.

the emblem in gears 4, diamond mark and high roller banner in Gears5

EDIT: I also got the high roller emblem in 4 too.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve never played this game.

If it gives you a bit of scrap to start Gears 5, that’s great. How can you tell if you got it?

What is a “Diamond Mark”?

What is a “High Roller Banner”?

You’re a GOD Mike​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Diamond Mark: when marking targets in gears4 (click L3) it shows a symbol of where the enemy is on screen/through walls. this means it’s a new customization feature in 5. over the past few days we have seen multiple Marks including Diamond, Spade, Heart, Club

High Roller Banners: banners seem to be new customization item that you can display along side your character in lobbies. think battle standard

you can check your progress here