High Roller Emblem doesn't count as legendary card and craft only card

So I just bought the high Roller Emblem. It is legendary so why doesn’t it count towards master craftsman? I have got only the regular craftsman achievement. And it is also a craft only Card. I am missing 2 achievements

Probably an oversight by TC, but it doesn’t count towards any achievements other than it’s own.

It counts towards craftsman so it should Count towards master craftsman as well

Yeah. I didn’t quite write that properly. Either way it wasn’t programmed to count those, even though it should (especially when it costs more than a standard legendary).

I think it’s the way the cards are classified. Only the Legacy craft-only cards from 2017 are considered “craft-only” as indicated in their descriptions (Dizzy, Vintage Marcus, Locust Grenadier Elite, Tai etc).

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