High pings yesterday and today?

any update on the poor UK connections yesterday and today please? Every game is 90-110 ping, I can’t play like this! It’s like I’m getting matched with other regions??


Yo Same here …

Lol, I was in a COOP vs AI game with 250ms ping!!

I’m in Canada, was put on a server in Asia… for a game against bots!

you are actually connecting to the US servers.

I’m assuming so, why they always gotta mess around :frowning:

They need to let us select a server! I can wait a minute I don’t need to join within 10 seconds to be in a 100+ ping match

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Same here. So sick of it

lol they are pretty low, wait till you come across the 200-340 ping players, have even come across a couple of 1000 ping players

Had high ping now i cannot even play keep gettin an error msg
And got kicked from
Am i banned now from playing ranked
Kinda peed off as ive played gears from day one and never had a problem

Same ■■■■ in Finland also. Sick of this ■■■■.

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Really, people, what do you expect?

Same here, they seemed to of fixed this and now it’s worse. How? What’s going on, can you not select the servers to join.

Same in Germany!! Perfect circumstances for a competitiv Shooter. The TC guys not noticing this???

At least with the ping is high you don’t have to play this ■■■■ that is gears 5.

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They’ve said this on gears5.com


Some players, especially those from certain regions such as Europe, are reporting higher than expected matchmaking pings in Ranked games.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

We have deployed a server-side update that will assist in our ability to identify any factors in these higher ping matches. Our work is still continuing on this and we thank you for your patience.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

So no update yet

Cheers, just seen this now - no improvement today sadly.

Yeah I dont expect to hear one for a while

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Saw 1800ms once…