High ping with servers

What changed with the servers the past month? I use to get 20-35 on US East, now I get in the 60’s-70’s. I’m from Texas and I now connect better to US West than East and Central. Can somebody explain the difference to me? I’m direct connect and have had the same internet since the game came out.

No idea, I too am from the great state of Texas, but haven’t experienced this.

Weird issues lately

I played a custom against a brit on us east host and his ping wasn’t much worse than mine. There’s also been a lot of latency issues as of late. Online is in terrible shape right now.

Damn, I hope they at least address it

Er’thang bigger in Texas, Deshaun Watson’s list of accusers.



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Brasil servers

Usually im abot 70/85 ping on us east, but im a scot…

The other night my friends ping would go from 25 to 250 upwards and back down again through out our matches, needless to say he was unkillable and was top in most matches, hew was getting all sorts of connection symbols popping up,

Those servers are lit — my man never answered which club he supported though I was disappointed.


Yesterday I was in the 90’s on US East. Unreal how bad these servers are.