High Ping Rules The Match...again

Yet again…high Ping lag stars walking around invincible again.

How many titles does this game need to go through to quell this nonsense?

Don’t say, oh it’s a test…

It’s been prominent in EVERY Gears title.

Put a ping cap of 80 in MM. Even that is high .


It just shouldnt be matching people with 30 ping with players that have over 100 ping. Then problem is solved.


Especially with the aggressive lag compensation they have in this game.


First match on this weekend’s tech test…

4 out of 5 on their team…120.ping plus. One was at 260.

My team …low 30s…



Yeah its ridiculous i really hope that gets ironed out. Because that was the biggest problem with Gears 4.


Whatever they are using to compensate and adjust doesnt work even in the slightest.

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I wonder if this compensating ping i turned on in gears 4 now as well. I drop from 35 to no a steady 5. So is so they made it even worse for low ping players.

I am just tired of getting the 1st and second shot off just to die on thier 1st shot. and yes i do miss but not every freaking time. Plus when i come up behind them and point blank shot twice and no kill its dam frustrating.

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Lag comp has always been on in Gears 4. What it does is try to place your opponent in the proper place on your screen based on their lag. But if they are fluctuating its basically a guessing game with very low accuracy. So when your shots dont hit thats basically just the player isn’t actually where you shot. It just looks that way to you.


It will never be fixed ,they don’t even see it as a problem …Gotta just roll with it man,or get off the train ,cause it ain’t gonna change …


Off to COD for me.

Your lucky to even play a match I tried playing 4 matches today and got ddosed each match shutting down my internet and I miss on a well earned victory. Also the reward of bloodsprayed wreath I better ■■■■■■■ have it I was only able to play 1/4 of a match before I kept getting into the same lobby with the same kid that kept ddosing me every time I’d get into a match. Also watch out for those cheaters on Xbox they are everywhere.

JUST A COINCIDENCE RIGHT GUYS? no advantage here. none at all

lmfao this game is already a joke


I gave up already. I’m not the greatest at the game, but blatant ping lag is atrocious

The problem is the compensation people of high ping get, if they are lagging they should be seeing it on there screen as they are, wouldn’t be able to hit anything if that was the case if your over 100-155 ping.Curious a community manager in Australia is closing threads complaining about lag compensation, wonder why…

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I came across one guy who was bouncing around at about 160, then shot up to the 400’s, then it said 2,000. 2,000…how is that even possible?

Complacency from players is why this game will never change.

Please ,I’m been on here since day one of GOW 4 and posted more BS moments from playing than just about anyone.
The sooner you realize that this is what you get ,the sooner you can just move on and perhaps enjoy some of the game,albeit not as often as we would like but it is possible :wink:.

Sponging seems to be even worse than in prior titles. There are just people who take at least one more shot from the Gnasher than others and than they should.

I hardly care for the exact technical reasons, it’s just a pain in the ■■■. Probably will never get fixed, TC repeatedly stated it’s the way they want it to be.

The Gnasher for the most part takes two shots in Gears 5. The Gnasher is slightly less powerful than the Gears 4 Core shotgun and the gib range is small.

Must use gnasher as hip fire ,DON’T hard aim,its been that way since 4…

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