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High ping on every game since one week ago

It has been almost a week since all games are high ping games. My ping was never over 40 but now it’s not lower than 110. I don´t experience this kind of ping on any other game. Surprisingly my opponents ping is just fine. Anyone facing this too?

What region? what type of connection do you have?

Fiber Optic 100 Mbps upload and download speed. I just did this speed test. And look at the ping on all gears servers

Now look at PUBG ping. My ping on Gears 5 was the same, 26, 30.

I’ve had the same. My internet is nowhere near as good as yours so for me the game is unplayable at the moment. My ping rockets anything from 150 - 300.

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Same exact situation. I’m with Spanish ppl every game for 4 days now. Ping is never below 60. Never on my server. And teammates are silvers at best. I’m so close to giving up. Its unplayable


Whats your “home” server??

Mexico is considered NA and are put on those servers

It seems to be fixed now.