High ping gameplay far more difficult

Something is seriously off with this new tuning.
Feels great on low ping, movement is crisp and gnasher is decently balanced.

When playing ranked FFA on 140-180ping it’s borderline impossible in the higher ranks due to having to 2-4 shot EVERYONE and shots that 100% should be doing serious damage are doing peanuts…

Would be nice to have this addressed in some capacity as the grind for masters is hard enough on bad ping…

Made masters FFA comfortably last time (180ping) but now it honestly feels unplayable…



I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are still playing on the same tuning it has been since operation 4.

This new tuning is in the blitz playlist only.

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Good info.
Something compared to last season for high ping is seriously off, dunno why it’s so bad now :pleading_face:

So the gameis working as intended.

About time.


You think it’s the same tuning wow. It’s slower and the lancer is a lot weaker, when you kill downs on the floor they take more bullets, the shotgun gives 95/97/99 damage all the time now. I play on my Eu servers and on USA servers with friends and operation 4 was a lot more playable on USA servers than it is now.

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You must have been in the blitz playlist. Or you are just wrong. Its okay to be wrong.

Youll be able to tell the difference once the update likely rolls through.

Hahahahaha it’s okay to be wrong, that’s made my day thanks for the laughs. Yeah I always pick a total different game mode to play when Im on gears, even though I didn’t mean to. I’m surprised I can even turn on my series x now I think about it hahahahaha. The blitz tuning is horrible, as good an idea as when they made the game about eliminations instead of real kills, and took away MVP for the best performance and gave it to a player that comes top of the winning team by hitting a set low number of targets even though other players on that persons team played a lot better, just because they got an extra break on a ring or got more assists, you can’t even tell who is good by ranks anymore, so many bad players are diamonds and masters just because they haven’t figured out how to differentiate skill levels but they can make all these different tunings instead That half the community don’t want

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Do any of you even play high ping?
It is so noticeable compared to last Op, honestly night and day difference