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High Ping Fluctuating Players Should Be Restricted to Social

I know people have their issues and why they are on wifi but Ranked matches should be held to a higher standard. There should be a minimum steady connection speed to be able to play ranked.



The only way you can have consistent ranked play is to force hard wired connections., Wi-Fi is meant for streaming videos and nothing else because packet loss isn’t going to have much of an impact on that. I understand letting players into Social with Wi-Fi but no more allowing these players into Ranked. Has anyone ever seen how inconsistent a Wi-Fi connection is when you live in an apartment? The 2,4GHz band is an absolute disaster.


I mean, I used Wifi, with a direct plugin for two years and just since December ish I’ve been connected wirelessly. I haven’t seen any changes, and if it does slow down it’s either the enemy’s high ping or my router shuts off.

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WiFi will always be open to having random packet loss. Yours may not be as severe as others but there are tons of players who use WiFi in a crowded environment and/or a far distance which creates a ton of issues. The only real fix is to force hard wired for ranked which should be the standard.


Not sure. Next we will be telling people which modems and routers they can use. Puma 6 chipset anyone?


Even if you use your ISP provided modem you still get a consistent connection with a hard wire. I see it too much with wifi that something interferes


in gears 5 you can name your custom match "no wifi because I suck "

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No no no no no… They should even add a bar at McDonald’s, Gears ‘n’ beers brothers.

How do you record minimum steady connection speed?

Spend 5 minutes doing nothing but the game to check if your ping spiked at all, or fluctuated?

High ping from being further region won’t = unsteady connection speed.

Preferably, you might be talking about having constant medium to high download and upload speed?

Is the game gonna do a speed test for you?

If someone lives close to server, for example, maybe near Manchester. Whether they use mobile hotspot from phone or computer, Wi-Fi or hard wired Ethernet cable, the ping would be quite low like 10~ m/s region. Fluctuation would be different thing.

Are you sure about this? I’d prefer wired. But laptops, tablets and phones are exceptions.


But either way, I disagree about locking people out of Ranked unless they used hard wired and had steady stable connection. Next thing you’re gonna see later down the road is fewer population than could have been because many people locking out for using Wi-Fi.

Some of your friends or team members may be using Wi-Fi and effectively locked out.

Not everyone will be able to afford hard wired connection, or have anywhere to connect long wire from or into. Sometimes it’s difficult, connecting them upstairs or around the house.

Remember how they explained that unstable connection players slip through the cracks in matchmaking? First having stable connection then when match starts, their ping spikes and fluctuates? Same thing can happen here.

WiFi users are the devil! (Waterboy reference)

But seriously, wireless connections are always violently unstable no matter the internet speed. It’s common sense to wire the computer/console up for a more direct and stable connection which is also beneficial to others as well as yourself.

If you’ve tried your best but it’s not at all possible to have your computer/console wired to the modem then just…go away :joy:

True. It’s why I’m wired now. Not everyone knows that they must prefer to hard wire their console or PC. Some won’t even have that knowledge or even know that it contributes to negative gameplay experience.

When I was playing Gears 4 Ranked, I couldn’t do hard wired yet and most of my matches went well on Wi-Fi, steady and barely fluctuating.

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WiFi is how most play, very rarely do people hardwire these days even though the advantages are there.

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Lol. Well played @GhostofDelta2. Love you bro


Love you more xoxoxo


I don’t disagree, but sometimes we address or want to address a problem in the wrong way.

Everyone would agree that hardwired is more stable. Most people probably don’t play that way. Pretty sure some people play on cellular hotspots.

There are a large number of things that impact latency spikes. As I mentioned, modems, routers, ISP in general, quality of service lines, and things like running torrents in the background can influence connection stability from a gaming standpoint.

Absolute best way to improve ranked was for TC to do a true connection quality in the matchmaking process. Probably could be done in less than 2 minutes. Then filter in matchmaking and check the player again, maybe every three or four matches. Rinse and repeat till gamers were evenly matched by connection quality.

Not sure Gears has a player base large enough for anything to work.

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The problem with this is that people in squads will differ by connection quality as well as skill ratings.

So adding more and more layers just makes it harder or inconvenient when finding games.

The game should flat out just not cater to high ping fluctuating players and viola problem solved.

That way, everyone takes responsibility for their own connection.

Right now, it’s catered way to much for the worse connection.


Agree for sure.

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I edited the title. In my late night slumber I should have known better. I know most of the high ping fluctuating players are playing on wifi thats why I said it like that. But theres no reason someone with a ping going anywhere from 89 to 550 and even higher to affect everyone else in the game. I understand some places are limited to what ISP they can use but that shouldn’t effect anyone but them. Sadly if Gears 5 if like this then the player pool with drop so quick.


Absolutely right.