High ping/big packet loss in ranked

Has anyone else noticed that quickplay is relatively ok, but ranked is ■■■■■■? I can’t play ranked at all without lagging everywhere. Ping seems higher all around in the game but my connection is wired and I have pretty fast internet and has nto changed since launch of the game. But now I’m consistently at 50 ping instead of 20 like I used to be, and ranked is unplayable. Is this the servers? I can’t find anything about this issue recently when googling it so its making me feel like it’s just me or something. Never had issues til now.

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Quickplay prioritizes connection quality over even matching moreseo than ranked. You are far more likely to land on your closest server in quickplay matches compared to ranked. Some of the ranked playlists also have incredibly low population, so it kind of has to make do with whoever is on at the time regardless of where they are or even what skill level they are.


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look at your server list and see for yourself.

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@XeroShinobi is most likely correct. The small player base is forcing you to play on more populated servers further than the one most near you.

You can change matchmaking settings under options to either lower ping or faster matchmaking.

Pretty sure this does nothing though at this point. If the game were well populated, it would be different.

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I almost only play 14 player ffa, but I’m going for clips on different maps so I’m playing ranked ffa today and I definitely lag way less in this than I do in 14 player ffa.