High ping and connection problems


Before we start, I want to apologize for my English

I have been a Gears of War fan since 2008.

I would like to know if you can help me solve my connection problem. I have very high ping and my internet company no longer knows what to do to improve it. I’m from Venezuela and I don’t pretend to have a very low ping either because I know my location doesn’t suit me. I’d be happy if it was under 100 or 80 ms.

A few months ago they managed to stabilize it at 70 ping but it only lasted a month and a half. After a game update it returned to the high values (150 to 300)

I would very much like you to help me as I am a huge fan and consumer of the game.

My internet company has asked me for data from the servers. Do you think you can give me some information for them?

Thank you and I await your response! Atte. PapaNoob Gears - Cristhian Q.

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Go to Options / Matchmaking and see the values there.

Your closest server is Brazil so you should have a decent ping there, but if you connect to Europe or Australia, then your ping is fine.

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OK I will see. Thank you very much! It would be nice if you could select the servers yourself.

We’ve been trying to push for region locks so we’ll see if that comes out in op 6…or ever.

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We are already region locked. The problem is that players are unwilling to wait for games on their local server so the matchmaking system is designed to put players on the next closest server to find a match.

We had the ability to pick our server with gears 4 and every so called diamond and master player screwed that up by whining about people with high ping being on their server and tried to call cheating.

When in fact high ping does not give an advantage. High ping has never given me an advantage. In fact when I ping higher than 70ms I have to shoot where the enemy was a second ago to get hits.

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Thanks for write!