High damage combo cards

That moment when you play escape/horde as a brawler with ‘all the glory’ and tackle burn active and run through a bunch of juvies, then laugh yourself stupid when your own blast wave precedes you in an explosive wave of gore. Classic :slight_smile:

When you take Shock Chain with Blademaster on The End while your friend said it wouldn’t be very useful due to short ult, but it ends up wiping two Scions and every remaining Drone Elite in the big room when they were pinned down by said enemies from the chain lightning caused by hitting one Drone Elite a few times alone.

Yeah, fun times.

Kind of unrelated but there’s something special about tagging an enemy with a frag to refill my team revive ultimate in a tight space and having them run close enough to me to blow me to pieces or having a teammate run in front of my grenade toss and then it comes flying back at me…When I have grenade pouch equipped I just unga bunga too hard at times :face_with_head_bandage:

Playing as the Tactician and using Interrogation to meatshield an enemy, enabling the Demolitions to drop their Artillery ultimate attack on virtually all enemies present on the map with their Spotter Support card.

You may not get the kills or the damage attributed to you, but sir/maam, you made it possible in the first place! First round of drinks is on the Demolitions.


What is funny is sometimes, so many enemies are marked that the ult runs out before everything gets bombed.

I saw a sire took away (demolition class) Benjamin until everything got nuked, including Benjamin himself.

Sire didn’t want to die alone.

Of course. Out of all people he took Benjamin. Easy Target.