Hidden gameplay mechanics not explained in-game

Can be anything that the game does not mention specifically. For example, with Del if you mark a target, then use his Ultimate, the attack balls will seek that target. I never saw this explained anywhere in the game, but I could be mistaken.

Another that comes to mind, I believe if you execute an enemy in Horde, you get a bigger Power drop.

Things like that, game mechanics that are not explained in the game but that you discovered on your own, someone from the community explained to you, etc. and that are fairly useful.

Just thought it would be an interesting topic, maybe some could learn something new… Thanks!


If this does happen it’s unreliable at best. Some enemies sometimes drop more power than usual upon executing, other times it doesn’t happen.

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I did not know about Del’s Trackers. But I’ll try it out.

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Pretty sure it is a general mechanic that the bots will focus on a target you or another player has marked. But they may prioritize those of the player who summoned them, in case of something like Trackers(you could probably also do this with Baird’s DR-1).


Perfect active reload increasing GL explosive damage.



Some good mechanics in game that many overlook:
Jack could be invisible after picking up weapons when Portable Supply card is equipped, useful for smelting weapons during the wave.

It’s also useful for JD/Kait, in the first waves when no locker is available and team is striving for ammo

Using JD Grenade Launcher and lancer with bleeding card equipped is more efficient against carrier for example than spamming it.

Summoning Horde expert to the discussion @Hu1k_Daddy



Efficient or more effective? I remember you saying about using bleed then shooting bullets. Is that supposed to do more damage through bleeding or something?


More efficient as the health bar drops tremendously faster, it causes more damage noticeably when Lancer damage card is equipped.
Somehow, grenade launcher effect gets messy against carrier and next hits won’t count :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I got a lot I could share with you. I’m traveling at the moment but I can breakdown a lot of things that are hidden in the game.

Just give me a few hours :+1:


I for one did not know how to vault something in mid slide. I’ve seen several people slide to cover and vault over it before they actually touched it. Whenever I tried it made me take cover before vaulting. I had to google the problem to find out how it was done. Press melee button as your sliding.

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This was explained through tool tips at the beginning of Gears 4s Campaign… I do not recall if it is in 5s Boot Camp or Campaign as I have basically worked this into muscle memory at this point.

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oh cool thanks! much appreciated

The triple melee execution / meat shield is an absolute life saver, especially in escape.

Double tap (B) and then hold down on the third press (B). It will stun most drones so you can execute with the knife or simply (quicker) meat shield them.

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There was a post the other nodezero re the control system

This is something that would have completely passed me by, but changing to these settings last night the impact was immediate. No randomly rolling in a direction i didn’t intend to, no sticking to walls, and it was much easier to slide from cover-to-cover.


Mentioned in some other threads:

Jack’s portable supply card will make Jack invisible whilst carrying weapons.

Also, if you don’t collect power that has been dropped within 30 seconds, it will be reduced significantly (usually halved)

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I feel like Back A’s on the weak side (Left) have more range than normal. Surprises me a lot when I get gibs from farther out.

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If you double tap B you can take enemy as a meatshield instead of knife execution… Also if you flash them just run up and take them as a meatshield. :+1::+1:


Active effects…

Ok, im late to the party, but here it goes-

A lot of hidden things have been discussed or added in my character guides but will add some stuff here.

These are all before update fixes, that have been posted today in the (Whats-Up)

Sire-If you have a MKS Lancer and a Sire is right on you. Just rev the Lancer and it will block the Sire from Downing you. Now you need to be facing them for this to happen.

Grenades- You can actually have the game keep your grenades after use. On the last grenade you have, just pick up a DBNO enemie by pressing X to start the meatsheild mechanic. After this, press UP on the D-Pad to plant a grenade on their head and kick them. If you survive this, as in not blowing yourself up. You will see your grenades as being empty instead of being removed completely.

Del- If you have Del’s Legendary Card unlocked. You can Stim MAX OUT by capturing a open TAP and repairing it while capturing it. Sounds weird, but just pull out the repair tool and repair the Hollogram Tap as its being captured.

Leveling- Your Character, any for that matter, will do more Mele Damage the Higher they level up. So a Lvl 18 whoever can do more Mele damage than an Emile on low level.

Pilfer ammo-Pilfer Ammo will completely regin the Mace in Horde. It will give you full ammo. As the Pilfer works buy how many rounds can be shot from a gun. This is why the Claw will get a 100 rounds from a single pilfer, compared to a lancer only getting like 20.

Sire Teleporting- If you have a Sire get near the Fabricator just run, as it will suddenly disappear and then reappear right on you. However, if playing on DAM. If the Fabricator is close to the Wall but with an Open back, the Sire can Teleport right off the Map. Guess he’s going home.

There are more, but super busy today so have fun with these until they get patched.


Thanks for the Call out Noble.

Much appreciated man. :muscle:

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