Hidden changes to certain hivebuster skins

I was looking at the skins while talking to my buddies and realized that they made subtle changes to many of the hivebuster skins. Kait, Del, Jd, Lizzie, Baird, and Dom all have new symbols on the front of their vests where the Scorpio team symbol was. I think it’s a neat change but I didn’t see anything about it


Oh great. More changes no one asked for. Can’t wait until they start messing around with ■■■■■■■ Chrome Steels without anyone asking for it.

And just checked some skins. This looks really bad.

@TC_Kilo1062 any comment on this? Will changes to skins people potentially paid money for become a constant in the future?

I genuinely had no idea we even made this change, I wrote the patch notes and checked them and they were all mentioned with no missing acknowledgement such as this.

Apologies for missing it, but I’ll see what happened.

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Could you comment on the CS-thing as well? The Grenadier.

It’s such a minor change so not seeing it in patch notes wasn’t insane, but I like that it makes the skins feel more unique

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