Hi TC this is the Horde Community speaking

It’s come to my attention that you don’t know how to start a conversation with us. Truth is, we’ve already been conversing here, hoping you’d see it and start noticing. I guess we haven’t been as visible or as vocal as we thought we were.

Anyone who considers themselves a horde player of any type, feel free to jump in and give TC your two cents about the current Horde and how to make it better. Let’s hear your ideas on how to expand, modify, or tinker with the current system (assuming the Hero system isn’t going away), bugs that still haven’t been fixed, etc.

Please be constructive so that TC will have a clear idea of how to go about improving horde. The more technical, the more specifics, the more clips, the better. Also, share this thread with other horde players that may not usually be on the forum, like those on twitter, reddit, or your horde friends.

Here is a google doc with all of our ideas compiled (thanks to @Stannis_d_Manis):


Keeping a eye on this thread but I’ve been through this with Halo 5 and BTB and Firefight. I LOVE(D) BTB almost as much as I love Horde. Was very active in the official forums chatting with the developer. Many long time PVE/Firefight players throwing out Ideals and the developer saying they were listening.

Turned out to be a waste of time.

If you want them to listen, complain about PVP and act like a “Pro” player and they’ll definitely hear you more clearly.


Yeah, I know. I’ve done my share of talking about pvp and they seem to have heard alright, but horde is another story. Maybe I’m shouting into a void, but I still feel like we should try.


Hopefully this gains traction. I’ll share it with some of the people in my PVE group.


How to make Horde Better

  1. Make the ammo boxes increase the ammo refill into the max, just like in GOW 3,
  2. Increase the ammo capacity for all the guns specially for lancer and freedom lancer ( aka LANCER GL) , instead of the stock 420, increase it at least 600 or more if its possible.
  3. Unlock classes from characters as well as the HERO SYSTEM just delete it out of the game, we don’t need it.
  4. THE SO MUCH PROMISED " Map Editor for Horde " make it a reality , as of right now. since the game its boring as hell.
  5. Gives us more maps . at least 15 more , and make those maps new additions, not copy’s of other GOW games.
  6. Allow all characters to buy any weapon they like regardless of class just like in GOW 4.
  7. Delete the horrible OMEN that is right now… copy and paste the one from GOW 4 , I think that will suffice.

Unlock characters from classes!

Let people play any character and then choose classes.

I don’t understand why they are so reluctant to do this…


Yes this guy’s post!


Thanks @VettleGT I really hope TC could check this out, I’ve told this also to @N0DEZER0 Ryan Cleven, however I don’t know whether one day , they will make these changes and allow the playerbase to have fun.

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I hope so because i really like horde but i don’t play this new one much anymore… Got old fast


Yes @VettleGT I agree with you totally.

I would even be interested into paying money if they could add 15 maps and the horde map editor for lets say 40 dollars, without a doubt I would pay if it was an " add -on feature ", as long as the maps are fun and the horde map editor also its fun to create new maps.

If they want money they could have it , as long as the game its interesting and fun, I won’t give them money for the game as it is right now.

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I bet most of the comments will be 1 of 4 or all of 4 things-

nerf enemies
increase ammo somehow
remove hero system
nerf jd or kait.


Jay the best way is to just message the devs directly dude. I gave ryan a very long message a while back which, if he listens to some of, will immensely improve horde.

They really don’t need to change much. They have a good idea of what they are doing, they just need time to add characters/maps/editor and people will lighten up. It’s already a very good mode as is.


Give us back free(Dom) of choice let people play their preferred/favorite characters…

I refuse to be Del anymore :persevere:


They said on their own dev stream last week that they dont know how to start a conversation with the horde community but want to, so here I am, trying to start a conversation. Some people at TC still snoop on the forum. Maybe they’ll see it and pass it along.


I want to see every character in Horde to be a Unique Class, getting rid of the Hero system, as this really was hated. Engineer, Scout, Sniper, Heavy and Support, each and every game has one of these characters, you can choose who you want to be your character. Engineers are the only ones that can access the Fabricator, meaning they are the only ones that can build and repair, this also means you need an Engineer. The Scout will be the only one that has a dual role, Collector, Tank or a Hybrid, they are also the only one that can collect Energy and it is automatically dumped at the end of the wave, if all is picked up, a bonus is given, and most importantly, Energy shows up on your Tac. Heavies specialise in all things heavy, dun, obviously. Sniper, well, it does not take a genius to figure out what this character does. And finally the Support character, this character is a universal character, its main focus will be to help the other characters in all ways, it will be the only character other than the Engineer that can repair, the repair tool will work for Fortifications and Gears alike, so basically it will be a Jack, or a CoG Gear, Revive, and uses all and any weapons. It Skill Cars will be Unique in the sense it will have Cards for Repair/Revive and cost reduction,
Gone will be the Hero system, gone will be Taps and Forge. Jack can, or could remain, but he will be the Support character.
Each and every character will have Skill Cards for their own Class, and very much so Unique.
I would also like to see the use of 6 Skill Cards in Horde from a choice of 12 to 15 depending upon the Class.
This is my idea. My personal opinion on making Horde great again.


I know man, but this isn’t fertile ground.

You’re mostly going to hear complaints, not suggestions, and the same stuff repeated over and over.

Exactly @LadyWinterstorm

I also wish I could be marcus and have a freedom lancer ( lancer gl) without relying on asking someone to borrow one.

I’m on the same spot hahahaha :smile:

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Then I guess it’ll be a short and straightforward conversation. If you don’t think it’ll work, that’s fine. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine too. Like I said, I figured I’d just try.



It will work man… we will all support this :slight_smile: don’t worry about wolfy here… he just wants to takes the attention from the important issue here.


All you gotta do is ask yourself why ryan would say something like “I want to start a conversation with the horde community but I don’t know how”-

When he knows full well that we discuss horde here, and have, since launch.

It’s because he knows the opinions here are hot garbage that he isn’t going to listen to lol.

They want ideas, not complaints. Just send him messages and start convos in game bro, this place is a toxic mess.

I’m afraid the hero system won’t be going anywhere. I have a feeling the reason they won’t walk it back is it’s buried too deep in the code. Likely major parts of the game are dependent on it. So to remove the hero system might break multi-player entirely causing months of extra work. Sorry guys, hero system is a no-go zone.

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