Hi all, from Coronavirus

I don’t want to be a clickbait or something, I just wanted to feel less lonely. How I’d imagine you all know what is the Coronavirus, and which country it’s “destroying” right now. I live in Italy (South Italy), and this piece of trash has arrived in my city yesterday. I’m not scared, and I’m not worried for myself, but for my relatives. I hope this will never happen to your countries/cities, living in a quarantine is like living in a limbo. You know when it started, but you don’t know when it’ll end. Thanks for reading, and sorry if I did some grammar mistakes.

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Corona is over-sensationalized garbage that the media is constantly reporting on. Smoking kills more than 480k people a year in the United States alone, but are we freaking out over that? Corona is less dangerous than the flu.


And then we have the psychosis

Playing gears 5 koth is giving me corona virus the games so broken

I see you comment that all the time, you sound like a scratched record. We get it, Gears 5 gnasher is inconsistent and the matchmaking is bad. Can you stop stating the obvious every ■■■■■■■ thread?

Kills less than the flu -> Panic.

I don’t think this thread went in the desired direction.

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I am going to close this thread.

Thanks for the nice sentiments, everyone stay safe :slight_smile: