Hey what kind of TV works the best for Xbox Series X requires 4K with 120hz towards Gears 5 Gears 6

Best TV for Gears 5 Gears 6 - 4K 120 Hz

You are asking a great question but the Xbox Series X maxes at 60 FPS steady at 4K, so you won’t be able to “see” the higher FPS using a Xbox. The same would be true if you hooked it to a computer monitor.

The series X advertises “up to 120 FPS” but that’s not at 4K.

LG CX (2020), LG C1 (2021)


You mean monitor.

I have a C1, and while I don’t use it for Gears (as of now, anyway), it is a fantastic display. About as good as you’re going to get without using a high end PC monitor.

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You’re at such a huge disadvantage if you aren’t using a 120hz screen.

Interesting. Sources? Have you confirmed this yourself with Gears 5 or know anyone who has? I’m curious how it does on Gears 5 in real world testing (on the PVP side of things), but I’m not going to spring more money for a monitor than what I paid for my series X to find out. HDMI 2.1, which is required to run the Series X in 4K at 120fps, is not widespread enough at this point.

It certainly does a rock solid 120fps @ 1440p on my Dell S2721DGF.

So fellow Gears, managed to get a series X after months of trying. My question is do I need as in need a 120fps tv. I’m more than happy to spring for one (LG’s are around £800 for size I would want) if it will make Gears play better, don’t really care about any other thing/game.

Thank you for help/taking the Pi*S…either greatly excepted.:+1:

I’m sure some games will reach 4K 120hz
Just depends on the game and whether or not the developer really wants it. If you’re already in the market for a new display then I wouldn’t definitely get one that is capable of that

You might as well not have gotten a Series X if you aren’t going to run games at 120fps. It’s a massive difference in smoothness and latency.

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You’re doubling the frame rate so the responsiveness would feel much faster and the overall gameplay would be much smoother.
If you’re a competitive player then most definitely yes, if you just play for fun then it’s not a huge deal.
Also, if you are truly looking for an edge then maybe look into gaming monitors instead.
Typically they are faster in response time and pixel latency. You can still find fast home TV’s but they cost a lot and you have to ask yourself if you still want to be a couch gamer or not.

It also might be a possibility that the resolution will have to decrease in order to maintain 120 frames so I’m not sure how much 4K means to you in case you weren’t aware. that might be a trade-off. But you can google what resolution and frame rate games run at with consoles

Use Digital Foundry on YouTube

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Doesn’t both consoles run the same games at the same frame rate? I always thought the difference was in resolution.

It can at much lower resolutions and graphical settings. Gears 5 versus does run at a dynamically scaled 4K resolution at 120fps on Series X. Campaign is locked to 60fps at 4K.

I’ll be more clear. Playing Gears 5 on any Series console is a waste if you’re not going to run it at 120fps. That’s the game changer.

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Ahhhh I see what you mean. And I agree, fps boot is a must

Not if you want Dolby Vision Gaming or HDR10.

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Samsung q80t 55in works well for me. The input lag is almost non existent and its runs gears 120fps 4k with no issues at all :ok_hand:

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