Hey TC, since the last update

…the game has been left in a depressing state for the majority, if not all players in some way. Inabilty to kick or use the social tab, added loading times in escape etc etc.
So how about a good will gesture in the form of boost, extra character xp or something whilst we wait for OP5 to hopefully right some of the wrongs without making more wrongs . Would be an incentive to persevere and level up some of those lowerclasses which is too much of a grind to be honest and get them ready for the next OP


Maybe they will give us extra xp… by accident… like few days ago… :crazy_face:


Yeah i saw that haha. Missed the boat unforunately


Well you didn’t miss much seeing as it sunk or rather, was shot down, not far from the departure point.


Funny how they make changes quickly when they need to eh


Wouldn’t that be nice? Like rubbing salt into wounds.


I can see that and think it should be retroactively given back come OP5. It didnt really affect me as i only have Fahz at 18 and just did a few speedruns with him after the update. It takes so damn long to level up characters so it would be nice to have a chance to level up a few more over the next few weeks.

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All of my characters are 18th so I’m only playing the barely supported DLC guys currently.
I almost had Lahni to 19th before they robbed me.
Then today I saw Dana lying that the robery was the only way when I could point him towards no less than 3 different ways off the top of my head and probably more than that.
Salt in my wounds would sting but supporting an organization ran by someone who is either a filthy liar or disugstingly incompetent makes me feel dirty.

I’ve always gotten a feeling he was a liar who is annoyed by minions like us asking or expecting anything from him. I can’t pinpoint why, but he’s always come across as someone who looks down his nose at people (me) dumb enough to continue to spend time and money on what he’s peddlin’

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It’s dark times in a lot of places for gaming.
Maybe Cyberpunk will be good.


This is an understatement. And you’re absolutely right. My desire for playing has completely went away. Unless my friends want to jump on, and we can fill up majority of a team.

Even tough these issues exist, currently, we have no other choice but to endure them. But what’s making it more of a problem is the community of trolls. Now, I know some aren’t trolls, and it’s just that they aren’t that good, and may not understand.

If people still approached the game with respect for other teammates, then this issue wouldn’t be as prominent.

Especially since on Xbox (and not at all on PC) we have to pay their damn Xbox Live Gold to play in multiplayer.
Another suggested commercial gesture : Multiplayer free for all ?


Indeed. I’ve tried to be as specific as i can in custom lobby titles,and someone always comes in and thinks they own the match…moves the fab and never skips despite that being my golden rule. Back to the lobby then to boot em. Annoying


Constant skipping of waves is not favorable to capturing taps, especially those further out in the field, and teammates don’t always leave one last enemy alive(or it’s something you don’t want to leave alive like a Mulcher Scion).

Only playing on lower difficulty speedruns so power, taps and base building isn’t part of the program. Perk up and kill quickly is my playstyle. It’s not a popular one but it a lot of fun when the team all skip and are lvl 16+ with cards set up for max carnage.

Well in that case, it’s fair, but I’ve seen players not skip waves even if everyone else would have, to capture a tap. Much to the dismay of Marcus players.

Unless the game decided to skip the wave anyway even if you did not give your consent and were still doing things to be done between waves.

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Ha yeah i’ve had that a few times where it skips before you press the buttons. Prob best to keep that one off the trello board or it will prob break the skip function somehow eh

Well yes, I have also had it where the game just decided to skip the wave without me ever touching neither of the skip buttons, at the same time. But probs the same issue at the core. Just a minor nuisance but still annoying when you’re not ready to skip yet or didn’t want to(and I don’t tend to join skip all waves lobbies or demand such myself).

With the ultimate griefer destroying XP that gamers earn, then the example is set for other gamers to emulate the manufacturer.
It’s not right but it just occured to me that the toxic act of prioritizing development actions that harm players may inspire other toxic acts either through frustration or something. I don’t condone and honestly I discourage lack of respect for team mates but I have seen individuals in places that were run with awfulness who themselves got snarky and short tempered.

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Because people are reacting so well to the way TC often quickly patches out player beneficial things but the game breaking exploits are sometimes left for weeks or months…

Oh wait.