Hey TC nice feature! Love the game! Haters gonna hate

I like how my shots curve toward the player. Makes the game more approachable! Shooting the Shotgun has never felt better! Finally able to kill the hyper wallbounce and strafing nerds. This is a cover based shooter. Go play another game if you don’t like it!

Beautiful feature at play. Look at the pellets hit the corner instead of where I’m aiming. Curving has never looked better. Glad I can now hit people.

Shot missed here. I know my shots hit where I aimed but idk… Don’t like it. Maybe a bug? Maybe increase the bullet magnetism radius a little bit here TC?

Otherwise, great game! Love the store. Can’t wait to deliver some executions with my boy Mac and my boltok.

On a serious note, this is my opinion on the forums, please don’t take it down. We need this drastically reduced or removed from ranked alltogether.

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Lmao i love the sarcasm m8