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Hey devs, as a fan that follows you from 2007 gears 1 I want to suggest or as we developers say, I should make an appointment, I’ve faced one single error that’s really annoying from matchmaking and no, it doesn’t have to do with matching skills, it has to do with Errors where, one as a player suffer when a connection to a match breaks out, I was just playing after week of coding three different projects C# asp .net mvc, angular2+, Laravel, but suddenly connection was lost and penalized 30 mins!! I mean besides it just occurred from nowhere I had to wait to play after a week!! Isn’t there any try catch finally you can apply after network error is thrown, I mean that if you get an error catch it and if else not penalize your players!!! I know there are many players that leave out from matches but you should know when is different, I hope you could do something like errorHTTP500(){penalty=false;} or something I mean we are devotees to you and play a lot and buy cool stuff but this kind of thing should be easy to you.

If TC team can’t read this POST I gotta send it through AJAX (dev joke) , ok I hope some understand this and could answer something to this even if you fake interest in topic like my PM jaja!

Play Gears long enough and inevitably you will be suspended because the server threw a tantrum and kicked you from the game or lobby. It is a known problem affecting a lot of players.

This was discussed in a dev stream recently:

player: are you aware of all the disconnecting / suspension issues?
TC: We are aware of it and we’re working on a solution (nothing was said regarding a time frame for a fix).

player: can the system tell the difference between a rage quitter and someone kicked from the lobby before the match even starts?
TC: not at the moment.

player: can we expect a fix anytime soon?
TC: we are working on it, will post an update when we have something.

I have zero faith in them fixing the problem, hopefully TC proves me wrong.


Thanks for your answer Belkain, can I ask you something? where this discussion took place? I know it’s a hard work to know that difference, maybe they would never fix it because they prefer focus in better things like skins and new competitive settings, common things a player would discuss, I hope some TC member read it and have the will to answer something like you did, at least to know they got something…

@MTHALO: Every thursday there is a developers stream where you can ask anything gears related to the devs. Some they answer and some they don’t, give it a try.

Usually 3pm PDT

Edit: Next week is going to be on friday due to the San Diego event, time TBD.

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Nice, thanks for details I really appreciate it, I’ll take a look next Friday!