Hey TC after Operation 8 ends can we get in store weapon skins sets

This is ridiculous… can we have the PvP skins too in store?


Chalkboard is in the store. Well, now there’s gonna be a chance that I lose my special General clout…they put these reward skins in then they will probably put General skins in

I only had the chalkboard GL and breaker mace, so I’m like kinda cool :sunglasses:

I also have the stripes hammy.

Only in your dreams. :grin:

This didn’t age well.

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Ahhh TC never fails.


Disgusting. People worked for that as a reward.

Imagine getting mad that you can finally finish that set that was exclusive for almost 2 years while others also get the oppurtunity to pick it up.

I’m all for gatekeeping, but trying to gatekeep skins is the lowest of the low.

I already own most Escape weapons, BS weapons and Kait in 5 and I’d still vouch for TC to put them in the store.


I don’t own any of tit but I’m for the gating there.
Given in it’s mot so important with Gears 5 since it’s basically over, but it’s skins that a specific feat, no matter how easy, is attached to.
They shouldn’t be in the store, making them earnable again would be ok though.(Like that will happen)
Fluff like skins can be gated, Power shouldn’t be.


So put them in the store? I’d rather not have TC touch Escape in any way again.

Earnable by doing the specific feat again.
I agree though, better TC not mess with Escape.
So just leave them out of the game for people that don’t have them yet, they’ll live.
But eh TC is gonna TC.

Black Phantom and all.


So return tuning to the old ■■■■■■■■ damage, ironman sending you back to lobby and cap cards at Lv5 and/or returning them to their old state and blocknew cards/classes for that challenge?

Why though?

Also; I just went through a bunch of old TWIGs and at no point were Escape skins advertised as exclusives, unlike PvP Master skins.


Basically, hence why I agree about not changing it.

Why should they be in the store to start with ?
I kinda like getting fluff for feats, just because, if you put the stuff in the store at some point why make it a time or else gated feat in the first place.
Time gates are a thing, I mean I come from MMOs and what you couldn’t get when it was available you simply don’t have(usually)

But if we’re doing it then open the floodgates please, all PVP, ESport, Promotional etc. skins in the store.
Oh and while we’re at it,achievements too please.


Well TC that no exclusive skins would be in the store so my guess that is a hiccup like Black Phantom, unless they are applying the one year Rule they had for Winter? Kait.

Because TC had no clue or direction when 5 launched?

And that’s somehow ok?

Go play Nier Tomata.

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Skins don’t alter the way you play or change anything for you.
So yeah ?

Except looks? It would hinder my enjoyment of the game if the only available characters would be the crackheads or Batista. Although it shouldn’t by your logic.

Ehh nah not going back there.
But Resident Evil 2 remake does let you buy the Achievement unlockables in the PS Store.

If everything else would be gated sure. Was the single player Campaign bad when you couldn’t have custom skins ? (Let me rephrase that, was it detrimental to it to not have custom skins)
But that’s hyperbole, no game does that, there is more than enough non gated stuff around .
It’s absolutely ok to have some rarer things gated by time or feat.

I mean I don’t want Blacksteel Kait in the store because I just didn’t do what was needed to get her(however silly that was) when it was possible to get her.(Would have bought her in the store if they offered it at the same time)
I’ll live.