Hey TC after Operation 8 ends can we get in store weapon skins sets

Arid Gale

Those are escape reward skins. We arent worthy of having those unless you put in the time to do them.


They were meant as exclusive rewards for getting top1% and then top5% on escape maps. This would be the equivalent of handing out the master skins and obsidian skins in the store for coins.


Eh, NO! Either you made the top 1%, which then became 5%, or you didn’t. Don’t ask for reward skins to be handed to you lol.


No. They specifically stated that special reward skins won’t come to the store.


Exclusive content is dumb. If someone gets in to the top 5% in Escape today, why is that less worthy of reward than somebody who did it a year ago? The same applies to ranked reward skins. The Master skin set should not have all of a sudden become unobtainable.


Thats just your opinion. The rewards were said to be exclusive so they should stay that way.

It was pretty annoying when TC gave the Finger Point to everyone for coins. You had to master every launch and Op1 escape hive which was arguably the most difficult thing to do in this game. It wasnt about what the emote looked like. It was the prestige that the emote had.


Secondly, the OP wants it in the store, which isn’t even earning it.


I can disagree with the content coming to the store, but still think exclusive content is cancer. Why is the challenge associated with the content arbitrarily time-limited? FOMO, that’s why.


If a challenge reward is ever to return, it should only be for an equal challenge.
I think that after the bit with the Black Phantoms, they are well aware of how the community generally feels. I believe they will tread softly.

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I agree and disagree.

I’ve always felt that exclusive should remain exclusive but…

There should still be a way to earn these. Getting the top 1% time now should unlock them. It could have been a way to get people playing escape again.


Err that is the thing with time based rewards.
You are not here for them, well tough luck.
I’ll never get the skins, I’ll live.

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I’m 50/50 on this one. I don’t particularly think any of the sets are anything special to be fair but for the sake of completion TC probably should release them for purchase. I know they were given out as exclusive rewards, however the whole Escape reward system was overhauled before all the skins for all the sets were even released.

This game had a Star Wars new trilogy issue where no one seemed to know where the game was heading. Now we are at the end of its life cycle why not just add all these reward skins for coins? Or perhaps throw the sets in as a bonus for featured hives. Maybe the rarity could be increased to legendary though. If you look at the Stripes weapon skins they are already no longer labelled as rewards anyway, plus they are common rarity which is quite poor because they’ll be very cheap if they enter the featured or possibly the essentials store.


Those skins are all absolutely hideous. A complete collection of horrendous eyesores that I wouldn’t suffer if they paid me handsomely to.

I don’t disagree with this. Time limited challenges like this are annoying. Although TC are adding these time limited items to the store gradually so that’s something. My only gripe is that they’re not permanent additions and people can still miss out on the 2nd time around too.


Just like how we were upset about the Black Phantom skins being put out on the store despite promises of exclusivity, I’m sure the Escape crowd would be less than pleased about this if it happens.


Having to do the challenge now might be the most I’d accept. That would include Road to Gears 5, but I doubt a challenge like that could ever come back.

I got most of those and couldn’t care less. The only decent ones in the OP are the HB Skins anyways, the others are so bad they might as well be store-skins.

Would actually be a lot harder nowadays with spawns broken and certain fixes to timegains.

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The challenges should have never expired to begin with. It’s slightly more work on the developer’s end to make them expire. The only reason to do this is FOMO. It’s a marketing ploy. Even if the content in question isn’t monetized, once the playerbase starts succumbing to FOMO, they’re more likely to make monetary purchases.


Back then mastering hives meant…

  1. No failing the map on master at any point. If the team wiped you started from scratch. True ironman mode.

  2. No duplicate classes back then and you only could use the 3 hivebusters.

  3. Less experienced players as everyone was new to escape and didnt have all strong cards.

Moreover in op 1, to get the skins you just had 7 days to get a top 1% time when a new escape hive was the current hive to get the new set of skins and then when it moved to the past hive you had to again make sure you didnt drop out of top 1% to get another set.

Despite this, the toxic and stripe sets still remain incomplete (3 toxic and 1 stripe are still unaccounted for even for the escape completionists)

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