Hey so is ranked still broken?

Because here i am. Someone who doesn’t really play or enjoy ranked, just trying to get challenges out of the way, and I’m generally a good player, but then I get matched up with literally people brand new to the game on my team, and then the most sweaty people on the other team. For any of you forum vets, you probably know the guy as Mike yaworski, and there is no reason I should be fighting this dude in ranked, when I’ve lost most of my placements.
Like I’m literally sick and tired of not even getting a fighting chance or being able to see how I can improve, because while playing ranked, it seems like my shots disappear and I never have this problem in quickplay. I’ll watch a kill cam and I literally see a dude shoot the ground in front of me with a gnasher and only 2 pellets hit me. But it does 100% damage.
Like what the actual f is ranked.

And its only in gears that I have this problem. I’m ranked platinum in siege, so its not like “oh you’re just bad in general”
And yeah, I’m aware this game is very different from siege as I’ve been playing since Gears of War 2.
Its literally like ranked is an entirely different game with the crap i put up with

If you couldn’t tell. I am very upsetty spaghetti

Nope not broken at all… ffs, is there not a SEARCH function right at the top of the page??? Or maybe, just maybe, BROWSE A FEW POSTS…

Or maybe? Just maybe? Don’t be such a ■■■■■?

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Nope, not a chance of that happening when you ask such an asinine question as if it hasn’t been pointed out and beaten to death EVERY FKN DAY

well maybe the devs should do something about it and its toxic community

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Yeah, like maybe they could be HERE on the OFFICIAL FORUMS… nope, they hang out at twatter and instagram

Funny how they don’t care about the forums they themselves made

Pretty sure thats bad parenting

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Yes ranked is still broken, there are many discussions about it going on currently, hence Enkils response. Please join existing discussions rather than starting a new topic when the topic already exists :slight_smile:

TC knows it isn’t working the way people want and will scrap their current system and replace it. Date the new one will be rolled out is still TBA.