Hey Gears VETERANS, I know where all the Multiplayer fun went..!

Listen up… Guardian on COG side is HILARIOUS!!
That Jinn Bot is so damn funny i can´t stand it.
That is the old Gears 4 fun… xD I admire Gears 5 Guardian because of that! haha Well done TC!

With that said, after playing a lot of MP i have to say i like the weapon balancing, even though some weapons seem to be to powerful
The lancer is FINALLY useful on it´s own again, although i would tone damage a bit down and give it 10 more rounds, 30 is a bit low

The sniper is finally really good again and reminds me a lot of Gears 1 snipe, Yes i am an old gears vet. xD

I like the movement and the graphics… And the campaign is kinda strange story wise but as epic and awesome at the same

Now the complaints… haha that is inevitable.

As MANY already pointed out, the flash bangs are DAMN STUPID AND BROKEN
TC has to either town them down or make them a pick up WEAPON

Then the OP T800 skin… This game has due to outstanding lighting and HDR support many “black spots” in maps where enemies are kinda difficult to see…

But the T800 takes this to another blevel… Sometimes you can NOT see that damn BLACK METAL PIECE OF BROKENESS

That skin, if it stays the way it is, should be FORBIDDEN from e-sports all together if e-sports wants to live!
It provides such an unfair advantage, and i see MANY people abusing this skin

Oh and the netcode issues… Well i hope TC fixes it in the upcoming week after the games retail launch.
Thanks for listening! :kissing_heart: